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2nd Generation of IoT Raspberry Pi Dongles

We have worked hard and diligently on improving, expanding our dongles and ensuring better and quality results in our devices. This is culminated in the creation of a new generation of AutoPi dongles.

Did you know? Cat-4 allows you 150Mbit download and 50Mbit upload speeds

Thus, we are very proud to now be able to reveal the next generation of AutoPi Dongles. This new generation of AutoPi Dongles have the same look as the old ones, the same price and the same base features, but we have included many new additions.

Support for trucks

A typical OBD connector on a truck will give you double the voltage of a standard vehicle (24V vs. 12V). We have greatly improved the power supply for the 2nd Generation of AutoPi Dongles, which means we can now also fully support trucks with up to 35V input.

Therefore, making it more than sufficient for most heavy equipment. At the same time having lowered the standby power usage in hibernate and sleep, and thus prolonging the possible awake time of the dongle.

A black and white view of the truck driving on a highway with a mountains behind
2nd Generation AutoPi has support for trucks

Faster global 4G/LTE connection

In the 2nd Generation dongle, we have also updated the 4G/LTE modem to a Cat 4 module, meaning that this gives a staggering 150Mbit download and a 50Mbit upload from your device.

At the same time we added global configuration of the modem, which means that you can transfer your device to any region in the world and thus access it when travelling. 

Overall, this means that the 2nd Generation Dongle is not only faster, but it also have a global connection.

The global connection means that now there will not be a distinction between the European and North American Dongles and instead will now have one global one that can work on any continent. This also allows you to bring your device in your travels.

Nano SIM

The SIM card connector on the device has been upgraded from Micro SIM to Nano SIM, to follow the standards of today.

The Nano SIM card is the smallest card size available and follows today's modern standards. We have also upgraded the general quality of the connector to minimize misorientation of the SIM.

Native real-time clock

We have also added a new addition of having an internal real time clock in the 2nd Generation dongle. For those who needed and requested precise timing and accuracy, we have added a native Real-time clock on the device.

This means that even when offline, the device will always maintain correct timing. Thus, solving the problem of inaccurate time when the dongle would go to sleep and wake up and pick the time from where it left of instead of having an internal clock that showed the current and accurate time. This will now make trips and data more reliable.

Three versions of AutoPi telematics unit with a descriptive text next to it
2nd Generation AutoPi is available as 4G/LTE - WiFi/NB - DiY edition

Now available

These 2nd generation of dongles are now available on our Webshop to purchase, this includes the following dongles; 4G/LTE Edition, WiFi Edition, and the DIY edition.
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