Fleet Management: Use your AutoPi to manage multiple vehicles

Fleet Management: Use your AutoPi to manage multiple vehicles

What is Fleet Sharing?

Fleet-sharing is not a new phenomenon, from small and big companies, like UPS, to government and state organizations, like the postal service, have all had corporate vehicles given out to their employees as part of their ‘fleets’. These vehicles are corporate or governmentally owned and thus the fleet of vehicles differs from trucks and vans for the postal service to sleek, electric and modern vehicles for corporations with a variety of options whereas the postal service is all uniformed and equally the same vehicles.

These types of corporate fleets are beneficial for companies, they are a crucial aspect in managing and growing the size of fleets and their profits. The fleet managers have the task of managing the fleet so that they are cost-beneficial, if they have the right size fleet. Rightsizing is having just the right amount of fleet vehicles, which ensures that the company do not overspent or overinvest and thus regardless of the economic state at the time, the fleet will be bringing in profit and not at a cost and cause a deficit.

AutoPi Dongle location in car
AutoPi Dongle location in car

Fleet-sharing and management in with the AutoPi

How does the AutoPi Dongle factor in when discussing fleet vehicles? The AutoPi device and software can be used in collaboration with fleet vehicles in comparing, observing and managing multiple vehicles simultaneously. The AutoPi Cloud and software can be used to register multiple vehicles to one account and receive the data from each vehicle and thus also be able to compare the cars and their data against each in order to have a better overview.

AutoPi Cloud Fleet management overview
AutoPi Cloud Fleet management overview

In tandem with the AutoPi, you can also in real-time follow all the vehicles and their incoming data, as well as updating the device in the vehicles. With the AutoPi, you only need one account to have a fleet, in which one is the admin and then create the needed number of users for the vehicles in the fleet.

For example, a government is working with the idea of electrifying and greenifying the postal service vehicles, and thus requires not only a new updated and modernized fleet of vehicles but also requires the software in which they can easily manage this fleet. With the AutoPi, each vehicle would be ‘loaned’ out the specific driver as a registered user in the system in which the admin would be person in charge of the fleet vehicle department.

Thus, the vehicles would be optimized to be able to share data in real time as drivers are out on route with their mail and packages and any error or problem could be flagged immediately and send to the admin for handling.

AutoPi Cloud vehicle Dashboard
AutoPi Cloud vehicle Dashboard

This would make the vehicles more efficient and reliable among many things, including communication and continuous status updates. On the dashboard, the postal service will be able to compare the different vehicles as well as be able to follow the vehicles on route to their destinations as well as many other functions.

Using the AutoPi in tandem with your fleet can result in lower maintenance cost as well as the AutoPi can find the errors faster and therefore you can get the problem solved before it escalates to a level that is costly. You can save a lot of money by lowering the maintenance cost when using the dongle to run a diagnostic on your vehicle on your own time as you do not have to send the car to the mechanics to spend time finding the error, but instead you can deliver to fix the problem immediately as you know what it is. This means that your vehicle is more on the road than in the auto repair shop getting fixed. Furthermore, another highlight of what the AutoPi can do for fleet-sharing and managing is that the dongle can monitor the driving pattern of the vehicle’s driver. Thus, this can lower the fuel consumption and cost by showing you how your fuel cost can be lowered.

Corporate Fleet Management

A corporate fleet is not only essential but sometimes crucial for a business, but especially those in the public and private sector. It allows the employees of a company to do their work more efficiently and by allowing access to automatized and highly efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, it also allows for better logistics in which we can follow the data and ongoing status of the vehicles.

The AutoPi software as mentioned earlier will work just as seamlessly as with a governmentally or public sector fleet as with a private sector fleet.

Fleet-sharing is predicted to only grow even more as the economy strengthens and as the “sharing” economy grow even further. Thus, with the AutoPi Dongle and the AutoPi software, a company whether big or small or a contract with a government service will be able to utilize it to enhance and enrich their fleets and the method in which they manage their fleets. The AutoPi has a lot to offer when it comes to modernizing the fleet vehicles and utilizing a software that is easy to use and manage the fleet. The possibilities are endless as the directions in which our ‘sharing mobility’ grows further.

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