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New Software Release Highlights May 2020

There is always room to grow and that is just what we strive to deliver with our recent software release. In this blog, we post all the major highlights, outstanding features and functionalities with our next-generation AutoPi Telematics Unit (RPi3) at the focus, so let’s keep reading!

Events overlay on map

A feature that makes your events even more applicable. Now you can see the position of occured events in the map, and gain a better overview of what is happening exactly when and where for better vehicle diagnostics.

An illustration of a map showing overlay of the events

Ability to approve device key in cloud

Are you tired of waiting for Support if you need to approve the device after reflashing? Finally, this era is over. New feature allows AutoPi users to see the state of the device and approve if the status is not approved after reflashing.

An illustration of a disapproval from Autopi in a device key

System and custom services

In this release, we have improved our services section. You can now find all services, including system services, under the 'Services' section, ready to reconfigure, delete or override. We also added the ability to create custom services via the custom code section.

Interpretation or custom services on AutoPi dashboard

Custom code modules with PIP requirements

You can now also add PIP requirements to your custom code modules, so that you don’t have to log in via SSH to install them anymore.

An example of a custom code with PIP requirements

Kernel errors

A new reporting feature of kernel errors (dmesg) in events with tag ‘system/kernel/error’ makes it easier to see raised issues on the device. It makes it easier to quickly troubleshoot issues.

A picture of AutoPi dashboard showing kernel errors

Local configuration tool

The local configuration tool has received a complete overhaul, to ease troubleshootings and be more responsive to connection changes. Now you will see more details about issues that occur during 4G/LTE and WiFi configurations and allow downloading logfiles directly from the browser.

A showcase of a local configuration tool of AutoPi

See it all in action at or read the full list on our community site. For further information or inquiries, contact us at, let’s start a new project together.
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