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What is AutoPi and it's Devices

Updated at 19 Oct, 2023

— Discover AutoPi's TMU devices: the adaptable CM4 & user-friendly Mini. Optimize fleet management with real-time data & advanced tools.

What is AutoPi and it's Devices

In the quest to harness the true potential of a fleet, having the right telematics management unit (TMU) is crucial. AutoPi offers a range of TMU devices designed to establish a robust data infrastructure for your fleet, providing the necessary tools to extract, visualize, and analyze the vehicle data that drives your business forward. Among the lineup are two standout devices, the AutoPi CM4 and the AutoPi Mini, each catering to different needs and levels of customization. In this post, we will explore the core functionalities of AutoPi TMU devices, delve into the unique features of both the CM4 and the Mini, and help you find out which device is the perfect match for your fleet management needs.

How AutoPi TMU Devices Empower Your Fleet

AutoPi TMU devices offer a flexible and customizable approach to fleet management. With extensive compatibility with OBD2, a broad spectrum of vehicle data can be captured across diverse types of vehicles.

You plug the TMU device into the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II port) for it to start gathering vehicle data. The gathered data is sent to the cloud, where it is visually presented. This provides you with a complete visual overview of your fleet's performance, after which the company can give meaning to this data to improve and develop fleet management.

The Customizable AutoPi CM4

The AutoPi CM4 is a customizable powerhouse, empowered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, that stands out for its customization and advanced functionality. With its superior design, including better heat dissipation and a new I/O button, it’s built for those who seek a device that can be tailored to specific needs. The CM4 allows for the creation of new loggers, unlocking the ability to extract novel telematics data from vehicles. Its advanced features like the CAN interface or 24V support for trucks make it a highly adaptable choice for countless fleet management challenges.

Because the AutoPi TMU is customizable, it can be used for different purposes. We can customize the device to the need of each company. This allows you to gain many benefits creating efficient fleet management such as:

  1. Real-Time Vehicle Data and Diagnostics: Stay in control with immediate access to your real-time car data and vehicle diagnostics, in one compact overview with features such as:

    1. Live Alerts and Notifications

    2. GPS Location

    3. Geofencing

    4. Fuel Management

    5. Vehicle Health

    6. Engine Performance

    7. Driver Behavior

    All this data can be found in the AutoPi Cloud. Where the gathered data is visualised in the form of a real-time dashboard.

  2. Fleet Management: Efficiently manage your entire vehicle fleet with our live tracking capabilities.

  3. Connectivity: Our devices are not just smart but also well-connected, offering 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

  4. Remote Access: Unlock your fleet vehicles remotely and easily implement keyless entry.

  5. Customizable Hardware: We offer customizable hardware options tailored to suit your business's unique requirements, ensuring maximum compatibility and performance.

  6. Scalable Software: As your business grows, so does our software. Benefit from scalable software solutions that effortlessly adapt and expand in line with your operational needs.

  7. Third Party Integration: Integrate the TMU with third-party applications and services.

  8. Over-The-Air software updates: OTA updates for the TMU device.

The Plug-and-Play AutoPi Mini

For those in pursuit of a straightforward solution, the AutoPi Mini shines with its quick and easy installation process. Although it doesn’t allow for software customization, it’s equipped with powerful telematics features such as GPS, 4G/LTE, and Bluetooth. The Mini is a plug-and-play device that gets you up and running swiftly, delivering the essential telematics data needed for effective fleet management.

Setting Apart the Differences

The choice between the AutoPi CM4 and the AutoPi Mini hinges on your fleet’s demand for customization and advanced functionality. The Mini is your go-to for basic telematics features with a hassle-free setup, while the CM4 offers a rich landscape of customization, enabling the extraction of a broader range of vehicle data. Determining the best fit depends on the special operating requirements of your fleet and the depth of telematics data insight needed to advance your company to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency.

The Importance of Advanced Fleet Management

AutoPi devices are crucial for modern fleet management, providing real-time telematics data that enhances decision-making, safety, and operational efficiency. The AutoPi CM4 and Mini cater to diverse needs, offering varying levels of customization. Their ability to capture a wide range of vehicle data facilitates proactive maintenance and cost-efficiency, making AutoPi a valuable ally in optimizing your fleet performance.

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