AutoPi Supports Electric Vehicles

AutoPi supports a wide range of electric vehicles

Track and monitor the performance of your electric vehicles with our advanced business solutions.

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Haven't found your electric vehicle? Let us know which electric vehicle you have and we will tell you how we can help you.

Advanced dashboard

Smart solution for your Electric Vehicle

AutoPi comes with an advanced smart dashboard (cloud) that can be easily configured to your specific needs. The device is an open source-software, which gives you the possibility to build your own custom solution on top of ours. - The AutoPi Cloud server setup
State of Charge (SoC)

Monitor detailed charge information and keep track of the best possible charge stategy for your vehicle

Battery health

Get information about battery health, to keep your battery in the best possible condition

Remote charge notifications

Monitor charge status remotely from a smartphone or tablet

Eco driving

Implement eco driving features to optimize range of your battery

Driving power

Keep track of driving power to see what is draining your battery

Driving range per charge

Calculate estimated driving range per charge, based on historical driving data

AutoPi functionalities

Implement advanced features to your vehicle

We support a wide range of electric vehicles. Improve your driving experience with additional features and get the insightful vehicle data for a prolonged.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the commonly asked questions about the AutoPi integration with Electric Vehicles

  • Do you support all electric vehicles? Why AutoPi Business Solutions? +

    We currently support 11 models of electric vehicles and working on getting more. Some models have a very protective and complicated structure, which limits our ability to gather vehicle data.

    Do you work with an electric vehicle that we have not mentioned on the website yet? Contact us to find out how we can help you.

  • Which electric vehicle models you have the most data from? +

    Our clients mostly use BMW i3, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S. Therefore, we have the most data from these vehicles. However, we have positive data points from all other electric vehicles mentioned on the page.

  • What kind of functions can I implement to my electric vehicle with AutoPi? +

    The commonly used functions of our clients are State of Charge (SoC), speed and range. In addition, you can implement Eco driving, getting information about your battery health, getting remote notifications and much more.

  • Can I track my electric vehicle in real-time? Do you have an official iPhone or Android app for the integration with AutoPi? +

    Yes, you can. With AutoPi, you are capable of monitoring your electric vehicle/s remotely and in real-time data. The feature can be simply configured within the advanced AutoPi software dashboard. Additionally, we offer the Asset Tracking solution to monitor and track your physical assets, such as job site equipment, with a simple use of BLE token

  • Can I monitor several electric vehicles at the same time? +

    Absolutely! The same as monitoring one vehicle, our advanced software dashboard allows you to monitor as many vehicles as you want at the same time. This is actually one of our common fleet management use cases, where a company needs to monitor the usage of hundreds of electric vehicles.

  • Can I install a dashcam or touch screen car computer to my electric vehicle? +

    Everything is possible with AutoPi. This is actually becoming a very common use case for mostly Transportation and Utilities industry. We have also written guides for both cases. See how to install a RaspberryPi dash cam. See how to install a Raspberry Pi touch screen car computer.

  • Do you also support hybrid vehicles?Is the AutoPi device extendable? +

    Yes, we do support hybrid vehicles. However, we recommend you to contact our sales department with a specific question or use case to find out more about the possibilities. Some vehicles have a very limited and complicated infrastructure.

  • Do you provide battery monitoring feature? +

    Yes, we do. We know how important optimal scheduling of EV charging is for your vehicle/s, therefore, you are capable of gathering detailed battery information remotely. Predict the time when battery needs to be safely charged at appropriate levels and prolong the lifespan of the battery.

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