The AutoPi software platform

A new way of thinking IoT from a car's perspective.
A platform where everything is possible.

Discover add-ons

Built by the user community and the AutoPi team

The add-ons library is like an app store, except it is open and free. Each add-on provide additional features to your AutoPi set up. An add-on can include modules, jobs, new widgets etc. Some add-ons will require external devices to be connected to your AutoPi dongle.
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Easy installation

Just click install and the system will do the rest

When installing an add-on all required software is automatically downloaded, installed and configured on your AutoPi dongle, whenever it is online. Supplied widgets, configurations, custom views etc. are added automatically to your dashboard. - System installs everything
Code background
Watch a demonstration

How does all this work?

Get a detailed walkthrough of how to browse the add-ons library and find and install new features.


Built with killer technologies - AutoPi is built on Angular

Angular - AutoPi is built on Bower

Bower - AutoPi is built on Python

Python - AutoPi is built on SaltStack

SaltStack - AutoPi is built on ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ - AutoPi is built on OBD Solutions

OBD Solutions - AutoPi is built on AWS

AWS - AutoPi is built on Vagrant

Vagrant - AutoPi is built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap - AutoPi is built on Django

Django - AutoPi is built on ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch - AutoPi is built on Gulp

Gulp - AutoPi is built on PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - AutoPi is built on Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi - AutoPi is built on Redis


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