The AutoPi Cloud software platform

A new way of thinking IoT from a car's perspective.
A platform where everything is possible.

Discover hidden metrics and functionalities

The Car Explorer reveals the potential of your car

All modern cars allow communication with the on-board computer systems through the OBD-II port. It is possible to extract a lot of different information from these systems, ranging from performance measurements to error codes (DTCs) and even control devices like windows and door locks. The OBD-II Car Explorer in the AutoPi portal lets you explore the information and functions available for your specific car. You can choose to visualize and integrate these informations and functions in your dashbaord. - Discover new data sources from your car

Communicate with your car

Send commands remotely with the built-in terminal

The Car Explorer features an online terminal which lets you test and discover new commands for your car. New and undiscovered commands can easily be added to the library and shared with the user community.
Watch a demonstration

How does all this work?

Get a detailed demonstration of how the Car Explorer works. See how OBD commands are discovered and added.

Built with killer technologies - AutoPi is built on Angular

Angular - AutoPi is built on Bower

Bower - AutoPi is built on Python

Python - AutoPi is built on SaltStack

SaltStack - AutoPi is built on Google Assistant

Google Assistant - AutoPi is built on ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ - AutoPi is built on OBD Solutions

OBD Solutions - AutoPi is built on AWS

AWS - AutoPi is built on Vagrant

Vagrant - AutoPi is built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap - AutoPi is built on Django

Django - AutoPi is built on ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch - AutoPi is built on Gulp

Gulp - AutoPi is built on PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - AutoPi is built on Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi - AutoPi is built on Redis


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