The people behind AutoPi

This is about us, the team behind AutoPi. We all have one or more Raspberry Pi's, most of us have cars, and we all share the love for cool tech projects. - Peter Falkesgaard Ørts
Founder / Hardware / Developer
Peter Falkesgaard Ørts

Peter has a background in software engineering and project management. He also did a bunch of electronics, so he has been the head of our R&D for some time. - Henrik Nilsson
Founder / Developer
Henrik Nilsson

Henrik is a software developer, and has a real knack for software architecture. Besides that, he rides a mountainbike, a motorbike and probably something else with a big engine. - Malte Baden Hansen
Founder / Developer / Graphics
Malte Baden Hansen

Malte is a software developer, and really likes the web and new tech. Like Henrik, he also rides a mountainbike, but unlike Henrik he doesn't ride anything with an engine yet. - Haran Somasegaran
Founder / Hardware
Haran Somasegaran

Haran has a background as a project manager, and is good with electronics. Haran is an expert when it comes to cellular connectivity, GPS, antennas and software protocols.

The AutoPi team

We are all very smart, but we don't know everything

.. so when we asked our amazing network
for assistance, they stepped up. Thank you! :) - David Storkborg
3D Guru
David Storkborg

David created some awesome 3D renders of the AutoPi, it literally took days to render and required a lot of patience. - Anders Kvist
3D Printing
Anders Kvist

Anders helped us 3D print the first casing prototype, and has been educating us about 3D printing. - Kim Bendtsen
Kim Bendtsen

Kim is an avid photographer, and is helping us get some great shots for the website, all fully clothed of course.

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