Car Wi-Fi Hotspot and its Benefits

Car Wi-Fi Hotspot and its Benefits

Many tablets and laptops (or other devices), do not have an internet connection, which limits their use when out of Wi-Fi range. Since the AutoPi Telematics Unit is always online, it can be configured as a mobile hotspot for in-car use.

This makes it possible for passengers in the backseat to enjoy a more entertaining ride. Entertain your passengers by allowing them to surf, stream and game on the road.

Your kids will love this opportunity, especially if you are going for a long country-wide trip.

Car wifi hotspot feature is also very beneficial when you go for a business trip and need to manage a couple of tasks on the way. Having a wifi in your car allows you to surf on internet, send emails, make online video calls and basically manage any urgent task or problem you need to solve. 

A person using in/car mobile hotspot on the smartphone

How to do it?

As usually, this can be set up in the AutoPi cloud management platform and very easily. Simply choose the feature (add-on) you want to have and click on install.

As easy as it sounds. In case you want to know more or are struggling with installation, please contact

Benefits of in-car mobile hotspot

As mentioned before, you do not necessarily have to have an internet connection during your trip. Obviously, it’s better to talk and enjoy it by each other’s presence.

However, we all need some kind of privacy at some point, need to find something online, stay in touch with our friends or any other reason. This option might make your family trip much more comfortable and entertaining.

It can help you find some interesting spots for sightseeing, places to stay overnight and so on. It is also a great help for business, more specifically for fleet management as the drivers can overcome more tasks online. 

When you drive with AutoPi, you are always up to date due to its ability to be always online. Watch your favorite movie, read an E-book, showcase your presentation,... The possibilities are endless.

Car wifi hotspot for business

Are you stuck in the traffic and is your important meeting in a couple of minutes? That's not a problem with AutoPi.

Easily have your conference call from the comfort of your vehicle, no matter where you are therefore, you will not miss out on any opportunity. 

As we mentioned before, car wifi hotspot is very helpful for fleet management and your fleet drivers. It can take their driving experience to a whole another level. Obviously, a couple of boundaries need to be set up, in order to make it efficient for both parties.

Car wifi hotspot for family trips

This is one of the most favorite features of AutoPi for families, which can make your family trip much more entertaining and remarkable. 

Imagine driving for 6, 8 or even more hours to get to your final destination. You will definitely need an internet at some point.

Your kids can for instance watch their favorite tv series, your spouse can read an E-book and you can listen to your favorite podcast. Obviously, the scenarios can vary on what your preferences are. 

Entertain your kids on the way, but also when you stop for a break. Do you want search for something you are just talking about? Do you want to show some interesting video?

AutoPi got you covered. You are not limited anymore as you are able to browse the internet any time you want. 

With AutoPi, you can have a small concert, movie night, karaoke show, conference call, presentation or basically anything that your imagination can think of. 

The car wifi hotspot can be set up easily with AutoPi dongle, that just needs to be inserted into an OBD2 port in your vehicle. In case you need an assistance with the installation, contact our sales department to help you out.