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Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

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AutoPi is always online, which gives you the possibility to create car wifi hotspot. That can make your passenger’s trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: this feature is not present on our out-of-the box devices. You can implement these features yourself or with our help.

In-car mobile Hotspot

When you drive a car with an implemented AutoPi TMU device, you are always up-to-date due to its ability to stay online at all times. Save your mobile phone network and use the AutoPi Wi-fi hotspot, for searching on the internet, have online business meetings, streaming or access data, while on the road.

Business Hotspot

Are you stuck in the traffic and you have an important meeting in a couple of mintues? That’s not a problem with the AutoPi device. Have your conference call or business meeting from the comfort of your car.

Car wifi hotspot feature is also very beneficial, when you go for a business trip and need to manage a couple of tasks while on the road. Having a wifi in your car allows you to surf on internet, send emails, make online video calls and basically manage any urgent task or problem you need to solve.

Family-trip Hotspot

This is one of the most favorite features of AutoPi for families, which can make your family trip much more entertaining and remarkable.

Does your kids wants to a movie? Does your spouse wants to read an E-book? Do you want to listen to your favorite podcast? Don’t you worry, AutoPi got you covered! With the AutoPi device, you are not limited anymore, as you are able to browse the internet at anytime and basically anywhere you want.

How you can achieve this:


This feature is a default setting in which you can enable through the AutoPi cloud. However, if you have any trouble, please contact our support.


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