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Crash Detection

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Always get help in case of a crash regardless of your location. The AutoPi TMU device can detect and send alerts to emergency personnel automatically.

Disclaimer: this feature is not present on our out-of-the box devices. You can implement these features yourself or with our help.

Call for help immediately

In the case of a crash, meaning the deployment of your car’s airbags, the AutoPi TMU device will immediately send out notifications to your relatives and the emergency personnel. Making the react-time much quicker, and might save your and your passengers lifes.

AutoPi TMU is always online

Because of the fact that the AutoPi TMU devuce is an Internet-On-Things (IoT) device, and is always “connected”, allowing the you to monitor the vehicle in real-time, for example, when leasing or borrowing the car, you will be able to track and monitor the vehicle, anytime and anywhere.

How you can achieve this:


This feature is more technical and therefore, require additional help to attain this. However, if you want this feature, please contact our support.


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