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Crash Detection

Always get help in case of a crash regardless of your location. The AutoPi TMU device can detect and send alerts to emergency personnel automatically.

Call for help immediately

In the case of a crash, meaning the deployment of your car’s airbags, the AutoPi TMU will immediately send out notifications to your relatives and the emergency personnel. This will make the emergency react much quicker, and might save your life or the person you’ve lent your car to.

The AutoPi TMU is always online

Because of the fact that AutoPi is an Internet-On-Things (IoT) device, and is always “connected”, allowing parents to monitor and control teen drivers, at anytime and anywhere.

Some steps on how you can achieve this:


This feature is more technical and therefore, require additional help to attain this. However, if you wish to install this feature, please contact our support

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