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Detect Pattern of Usage

AutoPi can now detect patterns of usage. Easily monitor and avoid specific usage patterns that should lead you to increasing your vehicle gas mileage.

Manage your car in a responable way

You might be unsure of how you actually drive, whether you drive responsably or you don’t drive in a very economical behavior. The AutoPi Detect Pattern of Usage system can be programmed, and then warn you about e.g., exceeding RPM limits or breaking too much. Taking care of this, should increase your vehicle gas mileage and prevent your precious car from aging too early.

Save money

You probably do not realize it, but you might be spending way more than necessary on gas money. It does not matter if you have gas, diesel or an electric vehicle. Which in theory will save you money in the long run.

The principle is the same and it will definitely help you. How? It will notify you if you are driving recklessly or you just simply speed up and brake too much.

Some steps on how you can achieve this:


This feature is more technical and therefore, require additional help to attain this. However, if you wish to install this feature, please contact our support

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