In-car mobile hotspot

In-car mobile hotspot

Many tablets and laptops (or other devices), do not have an internet connection, which limits their use when out of Wi-Fi range. Since the AutoPi is always online, it can be configured as a mobile hotspot for in-car use. This makes it possible for passengers in the backseat to enjoy a more entertaining ride.

How to do it?

As usually, this can be set up in the AutoPi dashboard and very easily. Simply choose the feature (add-on) you want to have and click on install. As easy as it sounds. In case you want to know more or are struggling with installation, please contact

Benefits of in-car mobile hotspot

As mentioned before, you do not necessarily have to have an internet connection during your trip. Obviously, it’s better to talk and enjoy it by each other’s presence. However, we all need some kind of privacy at some point, need to find something online, stay in touch with our friends or any other reason. This option might make your family trip much more comfortable and entertaining.
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