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Meet the AutoPi team

AutoPi Team
AutoPi logo

Our history

What started as a cool tech project of three friends who share a passion for technology and cars, unanticipatedly transformed into a Kickstarter Campaign, and had exceptionally success.

The focus was to bring automobiles intelligence with additional features and improve the entire driver experience for each individual. However, we immediately realized that AutoPi had more latent potential to uncover. We gradually expanded our focus to help companies on a greater scale.

Today, the very values on which AutoPi was founded form a solid foundation for a strong international IoT company, where the highest level of professionalism in telematics unit and the management cloud is the focal point.

We strive to achieve greater success for our customers, our team members, and our industry. As we are committed to providing great customer service, encouraging a positive and inclusive work environment, and incorporating IoT and telematic technology into the vehicles of Today and Tomorrow. Will you join us?

How does it work?

Our core values

Listening, understanding and delivering on our customers’ needs has always been central to our business. Our goal is to improve our customers’ operations while developing responsible growth and advancement. We’re always performing that extra effort to support them in achieving their business goals.

Our team culture is founded on supportiveness, openness and hyggelighed (Danish word for coziness). This creates an atmosphere in which our employees may grow professionally and develop their abilities. We help our people flourish by providing them responsibility and trust.

We design and develop telematics and IoT solutions that are tailored and configurable for our customers, not the contrary. We 100% believe that the future belongs to companies who collaborate with their clients to build projects and master the art of versatile development, rather than standardized solutions.

Yor right to extend

You ask, we customize

We offer a unique combination of customized IoT-based telematics solutions, with an openness and freedom to control your data. This allows customers to continue to manage their existing software solutions by using our device and services as a gateway to retrieve data.

Our amazing engineers and developers are experts in working with the technology we built, and excels in tailoring the overall project delivery process to meet the requirements of all project, whether its small or big, we always focus on scalability.

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Everything we do, we do Open Source

While the public nature of open source software may cause many business owners to fear the worst, we believe differently. This is because the AutoPi Core is based on the Raspberry Pi OS and is completely open source, enabling thousands of developers to view, test, and modify the source code, adjusting it to their needs.

Transparency is key for our thriving community, along with our open source solutions that are bound by a common drive to support and improve a solution that both we and the community can benefit from, and believe in.

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Open Source

Mission and Vision

Delivering IoT Telematics globally


We will empower and engage vehicles around the world with advanced technology and customizable solutions with one IoT platform, and consequently strengthen our customers’ operations and make them more profitable.


We seek to convey more innovation, efficiency, and abundance of opportunities in the world by pushing the telematics industry into our current century. - Peter Falkesgaard Ørts

Peter Falkesgaard Ørts

CEO / Co-Founder / Sales / Hardware

“Running gives me time to think, it's meditative, and I feel great while I'm doing it. And most importantly, through it I have developed incredible discipline and drive that permeates my entire life.”

- Peter Falkesgaard Ørts - Henrik Nilsson

Henrik Nilsson

CTO / Co-Founder / Architect / Developer

“Tinkering with technology has been my passion for a long time. Learning is fun but discovering new things on your own is even more fun.”

- Henrik Nilsson - Malte Baden Hansen

Malte Baden Hansen

CPO / Co-Founder / Architect / Developer

“Food is not simply stuff that people eat when their hungry. Food is awesome, delicious, inventive, colorful, inspiring, and so much more. “

- Malte Baden Hansen - Nikola Velichkov

Nikola Velichkov

Software Developer

“Keeping my plants alive and healthy is what makes me happy. Plants give me something to take care of other than myself. I’m constantly learning things to do and not to do.”

- Nikola Velichkov - Steffen Olsen

Steffen Olsen

Graphical Designer

“Creativity is a way for me to express myself, what I love, and who I am. Being a creative octopus helps me get a sense of playfulness and curiosity in many forms.”

- Steffen Olsen - Dragoş Ionescu

Dragoş Ionescu

Software Developer / Support

“It’s important to surround ourselves with family and friends for support and comfort in both times of joy and distress. Genuine love, care and loyalty is what makes me happy.”

- Dragoş Ionescu - Mihnea Radulescu

Mihnea Radulescu

Hardware Development / Shipping

“Since I was young, I’ve always loved cars. For me, they have always been an escape form everything that bothers me. Cars make me happy and they give me freedom.”

- Mihnea Radulescu - Andrej Šípka

Andrej Šípka

UI & UX Designer

“Playing basketball helps me to get my mind off things. Basketball allows me to make new friends and teaches me about being a good team player.”

- Andrej Šípka - Eriks Petersons

Eriks Petersons

Software Developer

“When I dance, I feel good about myself mentally and physically. Dancing contributes to my health in the form of increasing stamina & relieving stress.”

- Eriks Petersons - Martin Bujnak

Martin Bujnak

Software Developer

“I love traveling, and I try to take a trip every season. Traveling allows me to get out of my comfort zone and inspire me to see, taste and try new things.“

- Martin Bujnak - Philip Hundevad Nymann

Philip Hundevad Nymann

Business Developer / Sales

“Sauna wellness is more than just warming up. Alongside winter bathing, experiencing extreme temperatures on either side of the spectrum allows you to feel your body and relax, like nothing else.”

- Philip Hundevad Nymann - Tohnny Van Do

Tohnny Van Do

Marketing Manager

Powerlifting is more than about simply lifting heavy weight. To me, it's just as much about inner strength and mental fortitude. It's about overcoming what seem to be insurmountable obstacles.”

- Tohnny Van Do


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