Meet the AutoPi vision

A Danish Startup Company, working on the future of the automotive industry

What we do

AutoPi is a committed provider of first-rate IoT platform that grants automobiles intelligence and a customizable management cloud.

With these as the foundation, AutoPi aims to help enhance the productivity and competitiveness of its customers in various industries throughout the world.

We carefully listen to our customers’ challenges and deliver the latest technology and solutions that meet their requirements.

Our Story

What started as a cool tech project of three friends who share a passion for technology and cars, unanticipatedly transformed into a Kickstarter Campaign, and had exceptionally success.

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    The focus was to bring automobiles intelligence with additional features and improve the entire driver experience for each individual. However, we immediately realized that AutoPi had more latent potential to uncover. We gradually expanded our focus to help companies on a greater scale.

    Today, the very values on which AutoPi was founded form a solid foundation for a strong international IoT company, where the highest level of professionalism in telematics unit and the management cloud is the focal point.

    We're a handful of selected people, who’re abundant in skills and experiences professionals.

    We strive to achieve greater success for our customers, our team members, and our industry. As we are committed to providing great customer service, encouraging a positive and inclusive work environment, and incorporating IoT and telematic technology into the vehicles of Today and Tomorrow.

    We are located in the heart of Aalborg, Denmark.

Putting our customers first

Listening, understanding and delivering on our customers’ needs has always been central to our business. Our goal is to improve our customers’ operations while developing responsible growth and advancement. We’re always performing that extra effort to support them in achieving their business goals.

Empowering our team members

Our team culture is founded on supportiveness, openness and hyggelighed (Danish word for coziness). This creates an atmosphere in which our employees may grow professionally and develop their abilities. We help our people flourish by providing them responsibility and trust.

Shaping our current century

We design and develop telematics and IoT solutions that are tailored and configurable for our customers, not the contrary. We 100% believe that the future belongs to companies who collaborate with their clients to build projects and master the art of versatile development, rather than standardized solutions.

Our Mission and Vision


We will empower and engage vehicles around the world with advanced technology and customizable solutions with one IoT platform, and consequently strengthen our customers’ operations and make them more profitable.


We seek to convey more innovation, efficiency, and abundance of opportunities in the world by pushing the telematics industry into our current century.

Our Team - Peter Falkesgaard Ørts
Founder / Sales / Hardware

Peter Falkesgaard Ørts

Peter has a background in software engineering and project management. He also did a bunch of electronics, so he has been the head of our R&D for some time. - Henrik Nilsson
Founder / Architect / Developer

Henrik Nilsson

Henrik is a software developer, and has a real knack for software architecture. Besides that, he rides a mountain bike, a motorbike and probably something else with a big engine. - Malte Baden Hansen
Founder / Architect / Developer

Malte Baden Hansen

Malte is a software developer, and really likes the web and new tech. Like Henrik, he also rides a mountain bike, but unlike Henrik he doesn't ride anything with an engine yet. - Nikola Velichkov
Software Developer

Nikola Velichkov

Nikola has a background within computer science and is great with Python, Django and the AutoPi Core. Nikola loves video games and plays CS:GO and Oxygen Not Included. - Christoffer Ulf
Sales Latin America

Christoffer Ulf

As a consultant, Christoffer has a huge experience in with sales, specifically in Latin America. Christoffer is head of AutoPi Sales in Latin America and speaks Portuguese and Spanish fluently. - Philip Hundevad Nymann
Business Developer / Sales

Philip Hundevad Nymann

Philip is our business developer and is the core of our sales profile. Philip also has a way with communication, so there is a good chance you will talk to him one day. He's also prior double university champion in foosball. - Alexandru Constantin Petrovics
Software Developer / Support / Shipping

Alexandru Constantin Petrovics

Alexandru handles all orders, shipping, and support. Alexandru has an excellent overview and is able to manage many tasks at the same time. Alexandru has a background within software and assists with development. - Richárd Tarnóczi
Frontend Developer

Richárd Tarnóczi

Richárd is our frontend guru and developer of the AutoPi Cloud. Richard knows a lot about Angular, but also loves his bike. - Michal Hajtáš
Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO / Marketing

Michal Hajtáš

Michal has a background in international sales and marketing. He knows all about branding, marketing, digital design and improving the customers experience. In his spare time, he's an avid soccer player. - Steffen Olsen
Graphical Designer

Steffen Olsen

Steffen is responsible for our graphical appearance and is gifted with a creative mind. Steffen also loves baking and often brings tasty cakes to work. - Dragos Ionescu
Shipping / Support

Dragos Ionescu

Dragos assist in shipping and preparing orders for our clients. He has a background within software development and often assist on support cases.