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AutoPi for Fleets

Operate your entire fleet from one solution

Track and monitor the performance of your vehicles and trucks by using the combination of our AutoPi Cloud platform and our AutoPi devices.

Capture IoT Data & CAN Data

Advanced Fleet & Device Management

Drive growth with AutoPi fleet and device management, leveraging cutting-edge IoT-infrastructure to gain valuable insights and maximize efficiency.

All Data in One Centralized Location

Easily monitor critical fleet metrics, including vehicle location, engine performance, and fuel consumption, from a centralized location. The Fleet Dashboard provides a holistic view of your fleet's operations, enabling you to identify potential issues and make informed decisions to optimize performance and efficiency.

The Dashboard is fully customizable, allowing you to select the metrics and data sources that are most important to your business. Furthermore, the Fleet Dashboard is accessible from anywhere, enabling you to monitor your fleet's operations on the go.

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Example of how AutoPi Cloud looks like

Send logged data to AutoPi Cloud

Easily log data from your fleet's vehicles and send it to the AutoPi server for analysis. The AutoPi device supports various protocols and interfaces, enabling you to collect data from a range of sources, including CAN data and IoT sensors. The logged data is stored securely in the AutoPi Cloud service, enabling you to access it from anywhere and analyze it in real-time.

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Example of how AutoPi Cloud looks like
The next-generation TMU

Built for customization
and scaleability - Our TMU CM4

Our hardware is built to be a one-box-solution, centralizing data from assets installed in the vehicle, providing freedom to customize their solution as they see need.

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The AutoPi CM4 device
Track and setup boundaries

Detailed information about your fleet

Gain insight in to the performance of your fleet

Automatically record and report on trips

Easily track and analyze the performance of your fleet’s vehicles during trips, including critical events such as harsh braking, accelerations, standstill, etc. The Fleet Trips features provides detailed reports on each trip, enabling you to identify potential issues and make informed decisions to optimize performance and safety.

Furthermore, the AutoPi device collects a range of data during each trip, including vehicle location, engine performance, and fuel consumption, providing a holistic view of your fleet's operations.

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Example of how AutoPi Cloud looks like

Setup Geofences to receive alerts

Easily create virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas, enabling you to monitor and control vehicle movement in real-time. The Geofencing feature is fully customizable, allowing you to set up rules and alerts for specific vehicles or areas. For example, you can set up alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a specific area, ensuring that your fleet operates within predefined boundaries.

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Example of how AutoPi Cloud looks like

Built for scale

The AutoPi Mini is new and improved in several areas, such as smaller form factor, included SIM solution, sturdier design and casing. Furthermore, the mini has improved support of a wide number of OEM codes out of the box.

The AutoPi Mini comes in three variants. One for EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa), one for NA (North America) and one for APAC/LATAM (Asia, Pacific, Latin America).

Easily add vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, EV battery state of charge and trips history to your fleet.

Effortless plug & play installation

Small form factor to allow hidden installations

Comes with build-in SIM card for instant install

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Size perspective of the AutoPi device
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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our solution is perfect for fleets of any size—10 or 10.000 vehicles, offering comprehensive tracking capabilities to monitor vehicle location, usage, and performance efficiently. Try AutoPi Cloud for free!

Yes, our system can be customized to provide detailed telematics data valuable for both fleet management and sustainability purposes, such as driver behavior data and vehicle health reports.

Our platform supports key features for EVs, including battery health monitoring, charging status, energy consumption, and remote diagnostics, all accessible remotely on your phone. See if your EV model works with our system.

By providing detailed insights into vehicle usage, fuel efficiency, and driving patterns, our solution helps identify areas for reducing CO2 emissions, such as optimizing vehicle usage and encouraging eco-friendly driving habits.

Yes, we offer white labeling. Our device and cloud application is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt its look and feel to align with your company's branding and design requirements.

Yes, our solution is versatile and scalable, ideal for managing diverse vehicle types, including buses, trucks, and more, providing tailored data processing and tracking for each vehicle category.

Yes, our system can integrate with your existing car leasing platforms, facilitating features like GPS asset tracking of vehicles, keyless entry solutions, and more, streamlining the leasing process.

Yes, our system is equipped to handle telematics for construction machinery, supporting J1939 and other protocols, ensuring robust data capture and analysis for heavy-duty equipment.

Yes, the AutoPi platform uses robust security measures like encryption and secure access control to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access. You can also configure the data stream to be sent directly to your platform, bypassing the AutoPi Cloud. Furthermore, we can set up a dedicated environment for you if needed.


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