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Fuel Management System

Maximize Every Journey: Beyond Fuel Savings

Stretch every journey further, without stretching your budget. Our Fuel Management System is crafted for fleets of any size, worldwide, ensuring optimal use of fuel across continents. Simple, powerful, global—all in one simple solution.

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Feature Highlights

Fuel Efficiency: Right at Your Fingertips

Step right up to features that make managing your fleet’s fuel feel like a breeze. From saving costs to boosting efficiency, we’re putting the control back in your hands.


Boost Your Fleet, Simplify Your Life

Cut fuel costs, boost efficiency, and get your fleet running smoother than ever. It's more simpler than you think.

Keep a close eye on every drop of fuel, whether your vehicles are cruising or idling. With our system, spotting where fuel's not being used as it should be comes easy. It's about making every journey as efficient as possible, reducing waste, and saving money.

Get all the facts you need to boost your fleet's fuel economy. Our detailed reports shed light on how fuel's being used and help you find ways to use less. Think of it as your guide to smarter driving and longer-lasting vehicles.

Your vehicles' health is in good hands. Catch engine issues early, like a hiccup with the oxygen sensor, and get the lowdown on idling. It’s about keeping your fleet running smoothly and cutting down on those sneaky extra fuel costs.

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Save Every Drop


Maximizes Efficiency


Prevents Breakdowns


Reduces Waste

Feature Details

Beyond Fuel Savings

Boost your fleet’s efficiency and slash costs. Our fuel management system makes driving smarter and greener easier than ever.

Know Every Move

Our system shows you where your vehicles are and how they're doing, making it easier to keep things running smoothly and fuel-efficiently.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Stay Ahead of Trouble

Catch small issues before they become big problems. Keeping your vehicles in top shape means they’ll use fuel more efficiently, saving you money and headaches.

Real-time Data Streaming

Instant Heads-Up

Get alerts right when you need them, helping you make quick changes that save fuel and keep your fleet moving efficiently.

Smart Boundaries, Smarter Fuel Use

Set up zones that make sense for your vehicles. This helps ensure they’re always taking the best routes, saving fuel, and staying on task.


Power Your EVs Right

Integrating electric vehicles? No problem. We help you manage them just as efficiently, making sure they add to your savings and sustainability goals.

Fleet Sustainability

See Fuel Savings in Real Time

Understand your fuel use the moment it happens. With real-time data, you can tweak and improve on the fly, leading to better fuel usage and bigger savings.

Core Feature

Simplify Your Fuel Game

Let AutoPi Vehicle Telematics and Fleet Management take the guesswork out of your fuel management system. See your fleet’s efficiency climb and costs dip.

Keep Tabs on Your Fuel

With the AutoPi Mini, you’re always in the know. It tracks everything from fuel trims to pressure, helping you keep your fleet running at its best.

Deep Dive into Fuel Health

Get the lowdown on your fuel system’s health. AutoPi Mini measures everything, ensuring your vehicles are as efficient as they can be.

Fuel Levels, No Guesswork

Forget guessing about fuel levels and usage. The AutoPi Mini gives you all the details, so you can manage better and save more.

AutoPi Mini
AutoPi Mini Zoomed in

Your Fleet, Your Rules

Control who accesses what with the AutoPi Cloud. It’s all about keeping your data safe and your operations smooth.

Information, Just How You Want It

The AutoPi Cloud lets you set up your data flow perfectly. It’s about getting the info you need, the way you need it.

Dashboards Designed by You

Craft a dashboard that shows you exactly what you care about, from fuel stats to driver habits, all with the AutoPi Cloud.

AutoPi Cloud
AutoPi Cloud Dashboard

Understand Your Drivers

See how driving habits are affecting your fuel. With AutoPi, it’s easy to spot ways to improve efficiency and safety.

Stay Alert, Stay Ahead

With AutoPi, you get alerts in real-time. Whether it’s fuel levels or driving patterns, you’re always informed and ready.

Everything Works Together

The AutoPi Mini and Cloud are a perfect team. Together, they make managing your fleet’s fuel a breeze, saving you time and money.

Fleet Management System
Fleet management overview illustrated
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Frequently asked questions

A Fuel Management System is a sophisticated technology designed to monitor, control, and optimize the fuel consumption and efficiency of a fleet. The AutoPi Fuel Management System goes a step further by providing detailed insights into fuel usage, trends, and inefficiencies, allowing fleet managers to make informed decisions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

By providing real-time data on fuel consumption, identifying patterns of wasteful usage, and highlighting areas for improvement, a Fuel Management System like AutoPi helps you significantly cut down on unnecessary fuel expenses. It also aids in predictive maintenance, reducing the risk of costly repairs and downtime.

Absolutely. The AutoPi Fuel Management System is designed to cater to both traditional and electric vehicle fleets. For EVs, it offers insights into charging patterns, energy usage, and efficiency metrics, ensuring that your electric fleet is managed as effectively as your fuel-powered vehicles.

Yes, it can. The AutoPi system tracks driving habits that directly impact fuel usage, such as speeding, idling, and harsh acceleration. By analyzing this data, fleet managers can implement targeted training programs to encourage more fuel-efficient driving behaviors among their drivers.

The AutoPi system offers predictive maintenance alerts by monitoring vehicle health data that can affect fuel efficiency, such as engine performance and tire pressure. Early detection and rectification of such issues ensure that your fleet runs optimally, conserving fuel.

Not at all. The AutoPi system is designed for easy integration with your current fleet operations. Its plug-and-play device and cloud-based platform ensure that you can start monitoring and improving your fleet's fuel efficiency with minimal setup time and no disruption to your daily operations.


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