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Vehicle Telematics

Engineer Your Success in Vehicle Telematics

Designed for success, AutoPi TMU CM4 enables developers to craft customized telematics solutions, maximizing performance and satisfaction with CAN Bus and J1939 support.

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Solution Highlight

Unlock Telematics Innovation with Technical Skillfulness

Build your telematics projects with AutoPi TMU CM4, featuring the robustness of a full Linux OS, and the ability to extend and customize for any application.

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AutoPi TMU CM4 is engineered for developers seeking technical superiority in vehicle telematics. With its integrated 4G/LTE modem, you get global coverage right out of the box. Dual CAN interfaces offer direct connectivity to automotive networks, while the option for further expansion caters to complex projects. Choose the TMU CM4 for either OEM integration or as an aftermarket solution to elevate existing systems.

Leveraging the power of a full Linux OS, the TMU CM4 provides a stable and versatile foundation for development, supported by an extensive open-source library available on GitHub. This ensures not just adaptability but also security and longevity for your telematics solutions.

At its core, the device boasts a Broadcom BCM2711 Quad-core Cortex-A72 processor, offering remarkable computing power that's upgradeable alongside 1GB LPDDR4 RAM for demanding applications. Certified to automotive standards (CE/FCC) and equipped with a dedicated security element, the TMU CM4 guarantees both reliability and data protection.

With support for Diagnostics over IP (DoIP) and the capacity for additional CAN interface extensions, the AutoPi TMU CM4 stands as the pinnacle of telematics development platforms, enabling both business and personal adaptations that push the boundaries of what's possible in vehicle technology.

Related Features

Expand Capabilities with Key Telematics Features

AutoPi TMU CM4 transcends traditional telematics boundaries by integrating advanced features that cater to the dynamic needs of modern vehicle technology.


Instant Vehicle Data Transmission

Capture and transmit vehicle data instantly for real-time analysis. Access diagnostics and operational metrics swiftly, ensuring immediate insights and responsive actions.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Remote Software Update Deployment

Deploy software updates remotely, customizing device functionalities via CAN bus messages. Enhance features and security seamlessly, without the need for physical access.

OTA Updates

Streamlined Remote Device Oversight

Skillfully manage devices remotely with comprehensive tools. Configure and update for optimal performance, ensuring data integrity and consistent operations across fleets.

Device Configuration Management


Equipping Telematics Development with AutoPi Products

Unlock the potential of vehicle telematics with our products. Designed to provide developers customizable, integrated solutions for advanced data management and device control, enabling innovation and enhanced monitoring.


Customizable Telematics Hardware

Tailor your telematics to perfection with the AutoPi TMU CM4. This device empowers developers with unparalleled customization in hardware and software, featuring 4G/LTE, dual CAN, and Linux OS for robust vehicle data processing and communication.

AutoPi TMU CM4

Integrated Device and Data Management

Manage and update AutoPi devices with AutoPi Cloud. This platform gives developers robust device configuration, data monitoring, and secure communication. Improve telematics solutions with firmware updates and data integrity checks.

AutoPi Cloud

Telematics by the Numbers: AutoPi Impact

Discover the power and efficiency AutoPi brings to vehicle telematics. These key data points illustrate the transformative capabilities of the AutoPi IoT Infrastructure, driving innovation and performance in telematics projects.

70% Increase

Boost connectivity by 70%, enhancing data collection and vehicle monitoring.

50% Faster

Cut OTA updates times in half for swift software and security enhancements.

80% Growth

Developer adoption has surged 80%, reflecting trust in our telematics solutions.

5GB+ of Data Per Hour

Process over 5GB/hour, driving immediate insights and superior decision-making.

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Our solutions cater to the automotive industry's evolving needs, enabling innovation and efficiency across various roles.

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Frequently asked questions

Vehicle telematics combines telecommunications and informatics to collect and utilize data from remote vehicles. This technology enables tracking, diagnostics, and management of vehicle fleets, enhancing safety, efficiency, and connectivity.

Telematics is key for building applications that require real-time vehicle data, such as GPS tracking, health diagnostics, and driver behavior analysis, enabling smarter, data-driven features.

By integrating telematics data, solutions can optimize fleet operations with features for tracking, fuel management, maintenance scheduling, and safety improvements, all through automated systems and analytics.

Analyzing telematics data allows for the creation of features that monitor and improve driving habits, alert on maintenance needs, and automate emergency responses, enhancing vehicle safety.

Telematics enriches connected car applications with functionalities like live traffic data, vehicle remote control, direct emergency assistance, and tailored user settings, using vehicle-generated data for a comprehensive experience.


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