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IoT Gateway

Integrate the AutoPi into your system as a one-point gateway, while remaining in control of your data flow. Send your data to the AutoPi servers, access it through our API, or send it directly to your own.

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AutoPi IoT Gateway

All-in-one gateway for your IoT projects

Integrate with internal and external sensors, systems, and/or existing solutions to create an all-in-one gateway and access point. Make your vehicles and its functions IoT controlled from you existing software solutions, to reduce manual tasks and keeping all data in the cloud for precise, consistent, and secure results through HTTPS or MQTT.

How Does It Work?

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AutoPi makes it possible to connect all your existing assets in a single gateway and access point. The days of looking up data from several different access points are gone, with the freedom and open source the AutoPi IoT Gateways support you with.

We can connect with your external systems through GPIO, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB . Furthermore, we also give you the freedom of using your data the way that fits your requirements. We offer to store it on our servers, that also has full API access, but you are also able to have all the data recorded by the devices, sent directly to your own servers.

We know that requirements and scope can change over time, which is why our OTA updates allow you to change the configurations for all of this on the fly, while keeping your vehicles on the road.

Benefits of AutoPi IoT Gateway Solution

All in one gateway

Integrate the AutoPi as all-in-one gateway and access point.

IoT controlled vehicles

Make your fleet and its functions IoT controlled and improve their accessibility.

Precise and controlled results

You can achieve precise and consistent results by keeping all data in the cloud system.

Reduce manual tasks

By having your fleet IoT controlled and digitalized, your manual tasks will be reduced.

Our IoT Gateway Solution can be implemented in many industries, such as:
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