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Docker Integration

Docker Integration

Utilize Docker on the AutoPi, to run your own software in a standardized, isolated environment on each device. Become independent of network connection and maintain control over your system.

Docker Integration
How Does Docker Integration Work explained

How Does Docker Integration Work?

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With the Docker Integration, you can deploy and manage docker containers on your AutoPi devices. It makes it easy to create, deploy and run your applications on the devices in your fleet by using containers with your own software.

It also enabled you to utilize existing software by containerizing it. A container consists of custom software and all dependencies needed to run it, which is then bundled in one image which can be executed on a docker host, like the AutoPi device.

Benefits of Docker Integration

We offer secure vehicle access fully remotely and improved driver experience with a few simple steps.

Write in your own language
Write in your own language

Your internal IT department is capable of writing in their own language

Push data to MQTT
Push data to MQTT

Easily push data to container through MQTT on Raspberry Pi

Manage your fleets
Manage your fleets

Manage deployment to your single vehicle or whole fleet

OTA updates
OTA updates

Possibility to send over-the-air (OTA) updates

Docker Integration Solution

Docker Integration with AutoPi

What can you do with Docker

Build and maintain your applications with AutoPi Docker Integration. Easily take care of your applications with docker containers and manage them through the AutoPi solution. Fully customizable solution enables smarter application management and full control of your system.

What is Docker?

What do you get with docker

Docker is a platform for developing and running applications. It allows you to deliver the software faster by separating your applications from your infrastructure. Docker provides you with possibility to manage your infrastructure in the ways you run your applications.

What is Docker
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