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Possibilities with AutoPi

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Fleet monitoring

Monitor entire fleets remotely and get detailed information on whereabouts and condition

High speed CAN logging

Get one of the fastest CAN loggers in the industry, using the power of the Raspberry Pi

High speed accelerometer logging

Get detailed high speed accelerometer data and used it to analyze events from the vehicles

Implement custom DBC files

Import or implement custom DBC/KCD/ArXML/Sym/CDD files to ease integration to your vehicles

Configure fleets with templates

Generate templates to apply configuration and settings to entire fleets

OTA updates of devices

Keep your devices up-to-date with over the air automatic updates - The AutoPi Cloud server setup

Fleet tracking

Explore fleet tracking possibilities with AutoPi. With our fleet management solutions, you are capable of managing fuel and maintenance cost, improving driver safety , improving reporting, maintaining reliable and safe vehicles, prolonging vehicle lifespan, reducing labor cost, all in a real-time data.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the commonly asked questions by our business clients and private customers:

  • What is AutoPi? + is an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) Telematics Unit device based on the Raspberry Pi™ and an extendable IoT device management platform for vehicles, on a mission to help your project revolutionize in the automotive industry.

  • What industries do you typically operate in? +

    Most of our clients come from Transportation industry and Construction industry . However, we have clients from all industries we mentioned previously, and we are always looking for new possibilities and ideas.

    Contact us if you feel like there could be partnership between our two companies and a new use case within your industry.

  • Do you support asset tracking? +

    Yes. Our Asset Tracking solution offers monitoring and tracking of physical assets easily through a single platform. It can also be set up to receive a notification on a phone if the equipment has been forgotten at the job site. Therefore, the workers can act right away and prevent possible theft or loss of fixed assets.

  • Do you support electric vehicles? +

    We support a wide variety of electric vehicles. With AutoPi, you have the possibility to integrate AutoPi with an electric vehicle to extract the necessary information, such as state of charge, speed, range and more.

    See the general page with electric vehicles we support here.

  • Do your fleet management solutions work with all industries? +

    We didn’t have a use case yet that our fleet management system wouldn’t work with. It depends on your specific use case and how advanced the fleet management system should be or what solutions you need.

  • Can you monitor equipment or fleet remotely and in real-time? +

    Yes. Our solutions allow users to track both fleets and fixed assets remotely in a real-time data.

  • What kind of vehicles do you support? +

    We support all vehicles with OBD-II port , which should be vehicles not older than 1996 year make (United States), 2004 (Europe) and 2006 (Australia and New Zealand). The AutoPi device is plugged in the vehicles through the OBD-II port.

    However, we also support SAE J1939 protocol, CAN Bus, DoIP and CAN FD.

  • Can you handle big data volume? +

    Big Data is one of our solutions. We can log, store, and support your data in real-time. The solution is built for high frequency and quality data management.

  • What are the security considerations of AutoPi? +

    The AutoPi dongle is one of the most secure devices on the market. Our device is always up-to-date with the latest security patches and releases. We use AES encryption over ZeroMQ to communicate with all devices, which is built into SaltStack.

  • Are you open to entering a new industry or market? +

    Absolutely! We are always looking for new use cases and interesting projects to work on. Let us know if you have a use case that we could help you with.

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