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AutoPi for Developers
The open-source device for vehicle telematics

Build on top of a Raspberry Pi based solution. Manage and scale telematics solutions natively on the device, using our built-in Docker containers. Extend our Open-source solution to tailor our platform exactly to your setup and requirements.

Extendable Hardware

Our AutoPi TMU CM4 can be

At AutoPi, we believe in customization on any level. Even our hardware solution can be extended and expanded to match your project. Design your own Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) and extend our solution to match your exact project detail.

AutoPi HAT solution
Advanced Features

Experience Reliability with AutoPi Cloud's Advanced Features

Our customer success team is here to help you seamlessly integrate AutoPi Cloud and achieve your desired fleet outcomes.

Boost growth and efficiency with AutoPi Cloud

Empower Your Business by Boosting Growth and Efficiency.

Build scalable software to manage your vehicle fleet with ease.

Easily integrate with other tools and platforms to create a seamless workflow.

Built with the latest technology and security features, ensuring your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Experience a hassle-free solution that grows with your business, saves time, and maximizes efficiency.

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Manage projects in AutoPi Cloud docker environment

Streamline Your Operations with Docker’s containerization technology.

Easily deploy and manage your applications within our platform.

Ensure that your fleet management applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Quickly scale up or down your applications as needed, without worrying about infrastructure or compatibility issues.

Easily create and deploy custom applications to meet your specific business needs.

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Real-time tracking with AutoPi Cloud

Optimal Fleet Performance with Real-Time Monitoring.

Real-time monitoring and access to live data of your vehicle fleet.

Up-to-the-minute data on vehicle locations, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and more.

Alerts and notifications, allowing you to respond quickly to any issues and anomalies.

Easy-to-use and customizable features, that you can set up based on your specific business needs.

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Control logged data in AutoPi Cloud

Claim Full Control Over All Logged Data from Your Vehicles.

Integrate your data with other tools and platforms and gain deeper insights into your fleet’s performance.

Built on the latest technology and standards, ensuring your data is secure and easily accessible.

Real-time data synchronization between different systems and devices.

Freedom to customize and build own applications and services on top of our platform.

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Capture IoT data with AutoPi

Start your Blockchain project with our Koblitz curve enabled device.

Implementent your project directly towards an Etherium-based blockhain, using the secp256k1 curve.

Enable smart contracts based on the device and blockchain.

Sign data using any of the supported cryptographical curves

Freedom to customize and build own applications and services on top of our platform.

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Development Platform

Extends the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

The AutoPi TMU CM4 is extends the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 allowing you to build on top of a well proven platform. The device is by design open and our Python based device software platform is open-source.

Faster CPU and more RAM

On board memory and storage

Capable of upgrading to 8GB RAM

AutoPi TMU CM4 build on Raspberry Pi Compute module 4
Device availability

Get your device today and get started!

Image of AutoPi Devices

AutoPi Mini

Build for fleet volume scaling and ease of install. CAN bus ready with support for legacy protocols. Support wide range of OEM Parameters. Comes with connectivity built-in.

AutoPi TMU CM4

Based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Best for custom solutions requiring large computation power and expansion options. Comes with connectivity built-in.

Image of AutoPi Devices
AutoPi Mini

Build for fleet scaling and ease of install. CAN bus ready, support for legacy protocols. Support wide range of OEM Parameters.

AutoPi TMU CM4

Based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Best for custom solutions requiring large computation power and expansion options.

Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

How versatile is the AutoPi TMU CM4 in integrating with different vehicle types?

The AutoPi TMU CM4 is highly adaptable, suitable for integration with a wide range of vehicles, from personal cars to industrial and commercial fleets, supporting various telemetry and sensor data requirements.

What kind of data can the AutoPi TMU CM4 acquire and process from vehicles?

The device can capture a broad spectrum of data, including fuel consumption, engine metrics, driving behavior, environmental parameters, etc., processing this data for diverse applications like EV/vehicle research and predictive management.

How customizable is the platform for specific telematics projects?

The AutoPi platform (IoT Infrastructure) offers extensive customization options, from sensor integration to data processing workflows, making it ideal for developers looking to tailor solutions to specific project needs.

Can the AutoPi TMU CM4 handle advanced telematics functions like real-time diagnostics and remote vehicle monitoring?

Yes, the device is designed to support advanced telematics features, including real-time diagnotics, GPS/Bluetooth remote monitoring, OTA updates, DoIP, etc., catering to the evolving needs of modern vehicle telematics.

How does the AutoPi TMU CM4 facilitate API integration for custom software development?

With open APIs and extensive documentation, the AutoPi platform enables integration with existing systems and supports the development of custom software solutions for telematics and fleet optimization.

What IoT and connectivity options does the AutoPi TMU CM4 support?

The device supports a variety of IoT connecttivity options, including cellular (4G/LTE), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, ensuring reliable data transmission and connectivity for IoT applications.

What measures are in place to ensure data security and device integrity?

The AutoPi platform employs robust security measures, including encryption and secure access control, to protect data and prevent unauthorized device tampering.

Does the AutoPi TMU CM4 support detailed vehicle location and movement tracking?

Yes, the device provides comprehensive location tracking capabilities, essential for applications like GPS asset tracking, geofencing, and underground mapping, etc.

How well does the platform support telematics for electric vehicles?

Our platform is well-equipped to handle the specific telematics needs of electric vehicles, including battery management, charging data, and energy efficiency. See if your EV model works with our system.

Is the AutoPi TMU CM4 compatible with various software and hardware ecosystems?

The device is designed for cross-platform compatibility, working ideally with different hardware setups and software ecosystems, enhancing its utility in diverse telematics projects.


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