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Real-Time Data Streaming

Instantly Streamline Telematics with Real-Time Data

Revolutionize your telematics solution by harnessing the power of real-time data streaming. Gain immediate insights that enhance vehicle performance and user experience, setting new standards in efficiency and responsiveness.

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Feature Highlights

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Decisions:
The Unified Platform

Make faster, smarter decisions with our comprehensive data streaming service. Our platform ensures seamless integration and instant insights, enabling you to act on data in real time.


Streamlined Telematics Development

Elevate telematics with instant data processing, scalable systems, secure integration, and intuitive developer tools.

Experience zero delays in making critical decisions. Data arrives in real-time and is immediately actionable, enabling swift adaptation to new information and insights.

Grow without limits. The platform flexes with demand, supporting operations from a few vehicles to an entire fleet, ensuring smooth performance and reliability at any scale.

Merge telematics data effortlessly with flexible APIs. Simplify the consolidation of data from diverse sources into existing systems, making access and analysis straightforward across telematics operations.

Develop with confidence, knowing data is protected. Advanced encryption and data protection measures safeguard information, enabling innovation and expansion in telematics solutions without security concerns.

Empower development with tools designed for efficiency. Navigate through intuitive dashboards and utilize comprehensive documentation to kickstart projects and bring innovative ideas to fruition with ease.

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Streamline device connectivity


Ensure timely updates


Grow without limits


Guarantee data security

Feature Details

Elevate Your Telematics Projects

Leverage developer-centric features for sophisticated, secure, and scalable telematics solutions. Experience precision engineering, streamlined configuration, and advanced communication capabilities designed to enhance your projects.

Precision Data Engineering

Harness the IoT Gateway for granular data acquisition, enabling PID logging and raw CAN message capture with configurable payload intervals. This framework not only streamlines telemetry ingestion but also optimizes for latency-sensitive analytics, facilitating real-time operational intelligence.

IoT Gateway

Automated Diagnostics Pipeline

Deploy remote diagnostics via an API-driven approach, integrating seamlessly with a scalable microservices architecture to ensure dynamic scalability and fault tolerance. Leverage automated anomaly detection and resolution workflows, reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and enhancing system resilience.

OTA Updates & Diagnostics

Adaptive Data Handling

Empower your projects with customizable data processing capabilities. Our platform enables developers to tailor data handling routines, from filtering to aggregation, using Python-based scripts. This adaptability ensures that data streams are processed exactly as needed, maximizing efficiency and relevance for your specific application requirements.

Config Management & Security

Implement device configuration management through a DevOps-centric model, utilizing CI/CD pipelines for seamless updates and rollback capabilities. Incorporate comprehensive encryption and access control policies, ensuring end-to-end security compliance across your IoT ecosystem.

Device Management
Scalable Data Streams

Integrate Apache Kafka & MQTT for high-throughput, low-latency messaging across distributed systems. Leverage the IoT Gateway for enhanced edge-to-cloud communication, employing QoS (Quality of Service) policies for reliable data delivery and real-time event processing.

Modular Expansion

Design and extend the AutoPi device with custom HATs, thanks to our modular system design. This feature provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing for the addition of new sensors, interfaces, or communication modules to meet the evolving needs of your telematics projects. It's ideal for developers seeking to push the boundaries of what's possible with IoT and vehicle telematics, ensuring your solution remains at the cutting edge.

Vehicle Telematics

Core Feature

Flexible Deployment

Empower your projects with 'Capture,' 'Analyze,' and 'Stream.' Our infrastructure delivers real-time data, primed for immediate action and insight.

Python & Linux Compatibility

Leverage the flexibility of Python and the reliability of Linux for high-speed data ingestion. Our platform's compatibility ensures that if it works in Python, it's seamlessly integrated, empowering developers to utilize familiar coding paradigms and environments.

Efficient Batch Processing

Leveraging the Raspberry Pi-based device, our platform offers efficient batch processing for rapid data ingestion. This approach ensures reliable and scalable data management, ideal for developers seeking powerful data capture capabilities.

Customized Data Flows

Create tailored data ingestion pipelines with our platform's support for customized data flows. This feature allows for precise control over how data is captured and processed, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with maximum efficiency.

AutoPi TMU CM4
Illustrated TMU CM4 Highlighting

Open Data Pipeline

Utilize our open data pipeline to transform raw datasets into valuable insights instantaneously. This open architecture not only supports real-time analysis but also enhances transparency and collaboration within the development community.

Blockchain for Data Security

Incorporate blockchain technology to secure your data analysis processes. By leveraging decentralized security mechanisms, our platform ensures that your data remains tamper-proof and verifiable at every step of the analysis.

Access Control

Manage data access with sophisticated control mechanisms, ensuring that sensitive information is protected. Our platform's access control features allow for detailed permissions management, safeguarding your data against unauthorized access.

AutoPi TMU CM4
AutoPi TMU CM4 Zoomed in

Modular Hardware Compatibility

Our architecture embraces customization, allowing you to design your own HATs for the AutoPi device and extend its capabilities. This approach offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring our solution adapts to your specific requirements, from IoT applications to advanced computing projects.

Scalability & Adaptability

Experience true scalability with our streaming solutions that adapt to your project's growth. Whether scaling up for increased demand or down during quieter periods, our platform's architecture ensures optimal performance and cost efficiency.

High-Availability Infrastructure

Rely on our high-availability infrastructure to keep your data streaming without interruptions. This robust foundation ensures that your operations are resilient to failures, maintaining continuous data flow under any conditions.

AutoPi TMU CM4
Illustrated TMU CM4
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Frequently asked questions

Real-time data streaming allows for the continuous transfer and processing of data as it's generated, enabling immediate analysis and action.

Yes, our platform easily integrates with existing projects, offering APIs and protocols for immediate real-time data use.

Yes, if your project uses Python, it'll integrate smoothly. We support MQTT and Kafka for data streaming.

We ensure data safety with end-to-end encryption and strict access controls, meeting high security standards.

Definitely. Our platform supports both, allowing you to select the best data handling method for your application.

Our infrastructure scales to match your project's demands, ensuring consistent performance no matter the size.


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