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OTA Updates & Diagnostics

Next-Level Telematics with Automotive OTA

Upgrade and diagnose telematics systems with OTA. Quick, straightforward, enhancing system robustness.

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Feature Highlights

Global Automotive OTA:
Diagnose, Innovate, Update

Efficiently push OTA updates and software enhancements across your devices. Diagnose issues instantly, innovate seamlessly, and update your fleet effortlessly, ensuring peak performance and safety.


Streamlined Global OTA Optimization

Deploy OTA updates and gather critical data effortlessly. Enhance safety and reliability with live diagnostics, ensuring your fleet remains ahead.

Automatically update your entire fleet with the latest software, ensuring peak performance and security with zero manual effort.

Directly modify vehicle functionalities with targeted CAN bus messages, enabling precise control and customization for every need.

Identify and resolve system issues in real-time. Keep your fleet running smoothly with proactive diagnostics and quick fixes.

Safeguard your operations with encrypted OTA transmissions, ensuring your fleet's data remains protected and private at all times.

Access essential data to power your analytics, optimizing device performance and reducing operational costs with actionable insights.

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Auto-updates for security and features


Instant issue identification and fix


Advanced encryption for data protection


Remote management for updates and diagnostics

Feature Details

Boost Your OTA Technology

Enhance your fleet with our OTA updates and diagnostics. Ensure peak performance, efficiency, and security across all devices with minimal downtime. Our platform delivers direct, impactful improvements, keeping your operations ahead of the curve.

Initiating OTA Updates

Leverage cloud platforms to streamline OTA updates. Navigate to the Software Updates interface on your cloud dashboard to manage and initiate updates. The 'Queue Update' functionality allows for manual update initiation, essential for devices without automatic update settings. This method ensures seamless integration with your system, enhancing device performance and reliability.

Scheduling Update Execution

Configure your devices to perform OTA updates based on your operational requirements, with options like "Before Sleep" or "At Start." This flexibility ensures updates are applied at the most opportune times, minimizing disruption and maximizing update success rates. Devices automatically retry updates after unsuccessful attempts, ensuring consistency and system integrity.

Automatic Update Integration

For devices with automatic updates enabled, the system autonomously detects and applies new updates. This setting reduces manual oversight, ensuring devices remain up-to-date with minimal intervention. Developers can specify update preferences, tailoring the update process to suit system needs and operational schedules, thereby optimizing device functionality and system harmony.

Manual Update Commands

For targeted update control, utilize command-based updates via the web terminal. The ‘minionutil.update_release force=True’ command allows for precise update management, offering an alternative to standard cloud-based updates. This method is particularly useful for critical updates or troubleshooting, providing developers with direct control over the update process.

For Developers
CAN Bus & Streaming

Utilize CAN bus for real-time command execution and functionality adjustments, paired with efficient data streaming for immediate system updates and diagnostics. This feature enables dynamic, on-the-fly vehicle system management.

Linux OTA & Device Management

Facilitate OTA updates and comprehensive device management with AutoPi Core, leveraging the full capabilities of the embedded Linux OS (Raspberry Pi OS). This integrated solution ensures seamless software and firmware updates, enhancing device performance and security seamlessly across your fleet.

Device Management

Core Feature

OTA Essentials: Update & Diagnose

Unlock advanced OTA capabilities. Our platform streamlines software updates and diagnostics, enhancing fleet performance with secure, scalable, and flexible solutions. Achieve operational excellence with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Precision Access Control for Updates

Ensure secure and controlled OTA update processes with precision access control. Manage update permissions to safeguard your fleet, maintaining strict oversight on who can execute or authorize updates. This targeted approach enhances security, keeping your fleet's software integrity intact.

Automated Update Deployment

Automate your OTA update process for seamless deployment across the fleet. Our system simplifies the rollout of new software versions, ensuring consistent performance and security enhancements without the need for manual intervention. Keep your fleet up-to-date effortlessly, with minimal downtime.

Proactive Diagnostics for Maintenance

Utilize real-time diagnostics to prevent issues before they affect your fleet. Our diagnostics tools offer insights into system health, enabling proactive maintenance and timely OTA updates. This approach minimizes disruptions and keeps your vehicles running smoothly.

AutoPi Cloud
Illustrated AutoPi Cloud on monitor and mobile

Customized Data Flows

Optimize your operations with customized data flows, ensuring relevant information is always at hand. Our platform enables efficient data utilization, facilitating quick diagnostics and streamlined OTA updates. Make informed decisions with the right data, enhancing fleet performance.

Direct Data Integration

Benefit from direct data integration capabilities, enabling a cohesive ecosystem for your fleet management. Leverage diagnostic data to inform OTA update strategies, ensuring software improvements are precisely targeted to your fleet's needs. This direct integration supports operational excellence and vehicle reliability.

Open Data Pipeline Connectivity

Enhance your fleet's efficiency with open data pipeline connectivity, facilitating seamless data exchange and system integration. This open approach allows for the flexible adaptation of OTA strategies based on real-time diagnostics, ensuring your fleet remains at the forefront of technology and performance.

AutoPi Cloud

Scalable OTA Update Framework

Adapt and grow with scalable OTA update framework designed for any fleet size. Our robust platform ensures that your vehicles always receive the latest updates and diagnostics capabilities, tailored to meet the evolving demands of your operations. Scale confidently, knowing your OTA processes are in capable hands.

Flexible OTA Scheduling

Control the timing of your OTA updates with flexible scheduling options. Tailor update rollouts to fit operational timelines and vehicle availability, minimizing impact on your fleet's daily activities. This flexibility ensures that updates enhance performance without disrupting service.

Efficient Diagnostics and Updates

Leverage efficient diagnostics to drive targeted OTA updates, maintaining optimal vehicle performance. Our streamlined diagnostic process quickly identifies areas for improvement, ensuring OTA updates are effectively applied where they can deliver the most benefit. Enhance fleet reliability and performance with focused diagnostics and updates.

AutoPi Cloud
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Frequently asked questions

OTA Updates & Diagnostics refers to the technology enabling remote software updates and system health checks over the air, without needing physical access to the device. It's essential for maintaining and optimizing vehicle telematics systems, ensuring they operate with the latest features and highest efficiency.

The release frequency of OTA updates can vary based on the system's needs and the development cycle. However, our platform ensures that updates are deployed timely to address critical fixes, enhancements, and new features to keep your fleet's performance optimal.

OTA diagnostics provides real-time monitoring and fault detection in vehicle systems, enabling quick responses to issues. This capability reduces downtime, improves safety, and optimizes vehicle performance by ensuring problems are identified and addressed promptly.

Yes, our platform allows for granular control over OTA updates. Users can select which updates to apply, schedule them for convenient times, and even roll back updates if necessary, ensuring complete control over the software environment of their fleet.

OTA updates are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible. They can be scheduled during non-operational hours or in a manner that minimizes impact on daily operations, ensuring that vehicle performance and availability are not adversely affected.

Getting started is simple. Our platform provides a comprehensive guide and support system to help you integrate OTA updates and diagnostics into your fleet. Contact our sales team for a personalized setup plan tailored to your operational needs.


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