AutoPi Management Cloud

Fleet and device management software

Visualize all your data in the AutoPi Management Cloud. Keep track of your devices and vehicles with our Advanced Fleet Management software. Management Cloud

Fully customizable dashboard

Set up your dashboard exactly like you want

The AutoPi dashboard is based on widgets, each visualizing information related to your car. The data shown in each widget can come directly from your car's internal computer or from external devices connected to the AutoPi Telematics Unit. The dashboard is fully customizable; widgets can be added, moved, resized and removed again. In live mode, the dashboard shows data streaming directly from your car. In paused mode, you can review previous data.

View historic trips

Historical trips are available in the Trips overview.

All your trips can be stored in the cloud, and you can always go back and review them. A specific trip can be loaded into your dashboard and the data can be viewed with your chosen widgets. See events and important notifications back in time, to keep track on your vehicles.

Visualize your data in any way you want

Browse to find widgets in the widget library

The library contains a lot of widget types that can visualize data on your dashboard in different ways. Any additional software required on your AutoPi Telematics Unit to retrieve data for new widgets are automatically downloaded and installed. All you need to decide is what you want to show.

The Car Explorer in the AutoPi Cloud

A new way of thinking IoT from a car's perspective.

Discover hidden metrics and functionalities

The Car Explorer reveals the potential of your car

All modern cars allow communication with the on-board computer systems through the OBD-II port. It is possible to extract a lot of different information from these systems, ranging from performance measurements to error codes (DTCs) and even control devices like windows and door locks. The OBD-II Car Explorer in the AutoPi portal lets you explore the information and functions available for your specific car. You can choose to visualize and integrate these information and functions in your dashboard. - Discover new data sources from your car

Communicate with your car

Send commands remotely with the built-in terminal

The Car Explorer s an online terminal which lets you test and discover new commands for your car. New and undiscovered commands can easily be added to the library and shared with the user community.

Build your own Custom Code modules in the AutoPi Cloud

Add new software and extend your device with functionality.

Code your own modules

Deploy instantly to your AutoPi Telematics Unit

Modules are written in the Python programming language. They can facilitate communication with internal and external devices in your car. By writing your own module you can integrate with an external device that is not already supported by the AutoPi platform. This could be a custom proximity sensor that is connected to your AutoPi Telematics Unit. Modules are used throughout the rest of the AutoPi platform, for instance in jobs, reactors etc. - Upload advanced code modules

Run commands right away

The built-in terminal lets you interact directly with your vehicle and code

As simple as clicking one button, you can deploy your custom modules to the AutoPi Telematics Unit. Modules can then be instantly tried out and tested by sending commands using the built-in terminal. A simple and efficient development cycle; changes are made in the code editor, then re-deployed and finally tested in the terminal.

Discover Add-ons in the AutoPi Cloud

Easily extend your car with new functions.

Discover add-ons

Built by the user community and the AutoPi team

The add-ons library is like an app store, except it is open and free. Each add-on provides additional s to your AutoPi set up. An add-on can include modules, jobs, new widgets etc. Some add-ons will require external devices to be connected to your AutoPi Telematics Unit.

Easy installation

Just click install and the system will do the rest

When installing an add-on, all required software is automatically downloaded, installed and configured on your AutoPi Telematics Unit, whenever it is online. Supplied widgets, configurations, custom views etc. are added automatically to your dashboard. - System installs everything

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