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AutoPi Cloud:
Advanced Fleet & Device Management

Drive growth with AutoPi fleet and device management, leveraging cutting-edge IoT-infrastructure to gain valuable insights and maximize efficiency.

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Advanced Features

Experience Reliability with AutoPi Cloud's Advanced Features

Our customer success team is here to help you seamlessly integrate AutoPi Cloud and achieve your desired fleet outcomes.

Boost growth and efficiency with AutoPi Cloud

Empower Your Business by Boosting Growth and Efficiency.

Build scalable software to manage your vehicle fleet with ease.

Easily integrate with other tools and platforms to create a seamless workflow.

Built with the latest technology and security features, ensuring your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Experience a hassle-free solution that grows with your business, saves time, and maximizes efficiency.

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Manage projects in AutoPi Cloud docker environment

Streamline Your Operations with Docker’s containerization technology.

Easily deploy and manage your applications within our platform.

Ensure that your fleet management applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Quickly scale up or down your applications as needed, without worrying about infrastructure or compatibility issues.

Easily create and deploy custom applications to meet your specific business needs.

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Real-time tracking with AutoPi Cloud

Optimal Fleet Performance with Real-Time Monitoring.

Real-time monitoring and access to live data of your vehicle fleet.

Up-to-the-minute data on vehicle locations, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and more.

Alerts and notifications, allowing you to respond quickly to any issues and anomalies.

Easy-to-use and customizable features, that you can set up based on your specific business needs.

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Control logged data in AutoPi Cloud

Claim Full Control Over All Logged Data from Your Vehicles.

Integrate your data with other tools and platforms and gain deeper insights into your fleet’s performance.

Built on the latest technology and standards, ensuring your data is secure and easily accessible.

Real-time data synchronization between different systems and devices.

Freedom to customize and build own applications and services on top of our platform.

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Flexible cloud usage

How AutoPi Cloud Works

AutoPi Cloud is a comprehensive management service provides a range of tools and features to businesses who work with vehicle fleets. With AutoPi Cloud, you can easily set up and manage data flows for your fleets, allowing you to collect, process, and analyze valuable data from your vehicles.

Below are four different ways clients can set up data flows:

Different ways to setup data flows
Standard data setup with AutoPi Cloud
Custom data endpoints setup with AutoPi Cloud
Dual stream data setup with AutoPi Cloud
Custom OS setup with AutoPi Cloud
Device Management & AutoPi Fleet

Optimize Your Operations: Configure, Adjust, Expand for Success

At AutoPi, we recognize that every customer has distinct management needs. Therefore, we provide two cloud usage alternatives: Device Management and AutoPi Fleet.

Device Management

AutoPi Fleet

Manage Behavior

Easily manage the behavior of your devices from a centralized location. Allowing you to define rules for specific vehicles, such as enabling or disabling certain functionalities, setting up alarms, and how data is formatted and where it is sent. With this level of control, you can ensure that your fleet operates efficiently, safely, and securely.

Furthermore, the AutoPi Cloud service provides detailed analytics on the behavior of your devices, allowing you to identify potential issues and make informed decisions to optimize your fleet's performance.

Manage device behavior with advanced settings in AutoPi Cloud
Signal Processing

Easily monitor and analyze data from various sources, including CAN data and IoT data. The AutoPi device acts as a gateway, collecting data from your fleet’s vehicles and transmitting it to your own server or to the AutoPi Cloud service for analysis.

Easily monitor and analyze data with AutoPi Cloud
Post-processing secure communication

Easily post-process your secure communication data to verify its integrity, detect any tampering attempts, and ensure that the data remains secure. Our post-processing feature provides you with detailed logs of all communication activities, making it easy to monitor and analyze any potential security breaches.

Edit custom code and secure communication with AutoPi Cloud
Endpoints specifications

Easily integrate with the AutoPi device and cloud services, enabling you to access critical data from your fleet’s vehicles. The AutoPi device support various endpoints, including HTTP REST endpoints and MQTT endpoints. Access to a range of data including vehicle location, engine performance, fuel consumption, etc.

Customize endpoints with AutoPi Cloud
Over-The-Air Updates

Easily update the firmware and software on your AutoPi devices remotely, without the need for physical access. The AutoPi Cloud service provides a centralized platform for managing updates, enabling you to schedule updates, monitor progress, and roll back updates if necessary. This ensures that your fleet's devices are always up to date, with the latest security patches and performance improvements.

Update firmware and software with AutoPi Cloud OTA updates
All Data in One Centralized Location

Easily monitor critical fleet metrics, including vehicle location, engine performance, and fuel consumption, from a centralized location. The Fleet Dashboard provides a holistic view of your fleet's operations, enabling you to identify potential issues and make informed decisions to optimize performance and efficiency.

The Dashboard is fully customizable, allowing you to select the metrics and data sources that are most important to your business. Furthermore, the Fleet Dashboard is accessible from anywhere, enabling you to monitor your fleet's operations on the go.

Centralized data in AutoPi Cloud fleet overview
Send logged data to AutoPi Server

Easily log data from your fleet's vehicles and send it to the AutoPi server for analysis. The AutoPi device supports various protocols and interfaces, enabling you to collect data from a range of sources, including CAN data and IoT sensors. The logged data is stored securely in the AutoPi Cloud service, enabling you to access it from anywhere and analyze it in real-time.

AutoPi Cloud example
Automatically record and report on trips

Easily track and analyze the performance of your fleet’s vehicles during trips, including critical events such as harsh braking, accelerations, standstill, etc. The Fleet Trips features provides detailed reports on each trip, enabling you to identify potential issues and make informed decisions to optimize performance and safety.

Furthermore, the AutoPi device collects a range of data during each trip, including vehicle location, engine performance, and fuel consumption, providing a holistic view of your fleet's operations.

Automatically record and report fleet trips with AutoPi Cloud
Virtual Boundaries for Real Data

Easily create virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas, enabling you to monitor and control vehicle movement in real-time. The Geofencing feature is fully customizable, allowing you to set up rules and alerts for specific vehicles or areas. For example, you can set up alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a specific area, ensuring that your fleet operates within predefined boundaries.

Easily edit and setup geofence in AutoPi Cloud
Capture IoT Data & CAN Data

Maximizing Data Insights and Optimization through Customization and Integration

Maximize insights and gain a competitive edge by customizing data collection with workflows, post-processing, filters, asset/sensor integration, PIDs/CAN messages, and loggers to optimize performance.

Harness the Full Potential of your IoT Devices

Setting up post-processing, filters, and custom formatting is essential for optimizing the data that your IoT devices send you. You can quickly select these options using AutoPi Cloud to make sure that the data is arranged and displayed in a way that suits your needs.

Customize workflows to enable you to set particular actions to be conducted depending on the data received from your IoT devices, which can help you automate and streamline your fleet management activities.

Gather data from many sources by simply integrating third-party devices and sensors into your current IoT infrastructure. The performance of your fleet can then be better understood by combining these data for analysis.

Capture IoT data with AutoPi

Make Smarter Decisions with Real-time CAN Data

Easily access and examine data from all CAN protocols, giving you insightful knowledge about how well your fleet is performing. You can monitor and report on a variety of aspects of your vehicles, including engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions.

Easily configure custom PIDs and CAN messages to collect data on specific parameters that are unique to your fleet. This data can then be analyzed alongside the standard OBD-II and J1939 protocols, providing you with a more complete understanding of your fleet's performance.

Easily configure which signals you want to log and how frequently you want to log them. This allows you to collect data on the specific parameters that are most important to your fleet management operations, ensuring that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

Make data-driven decisions with CAN data from AutoPi

Capabilities of AutoPi Cloud

Transform your business with remote device management, real-time data visualization, and automated workflows for optimal performance and productivity.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides numerous benefits for businesses that operate with vehicle fleets, including increased scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

Cloud Solution

Scalable and flexible platform for managing vehicle fleets remotely, including a risk-free opportunity to test the platform with up to 3 devices per company, and the option to use the service for as long as needed.

Fixed Rate Pricing

Fixed rate pricing for our Cloud Solution, with no hidden fees or surprises, making it easy for businesses to budget and plan for their fleet management needs without worrying about unexpected costs.

One-time Fee Branding

Customize the platform to match brand identity, helping to reinforce brand message and enhance marketing efforts with fleet management customers, all without any recurring costs or additional fees.

Docker Compatible

Flexibility and scalability to integrate the platform with existing tools and workflows, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for managing fleets, regardless of unique requirements and preferences.

Dedicated Cloud Environment

Ensuring maximum security and reliability for managing fleets, with customizable access controls and data encryption options, giving businesses the peace of mind, they need to focus on what matters most - growing and optimizing their fleet operations.


Device Management and AutoPi Fleet

Device Management vs. AutoPi Fleet: A comparison of what each offers.


Device Management AutoPi Fleet
Device Overview
OBD Library
Device Alerts
Software Updates
Global Variables
Custom Data Endpoints
User Permit
Web Terminal
Fleet Overview
Vehicle Status
Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

AutoPi's cloud management platform simplifies device management by offering centralized, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration with other systems. Businesses can manage all their devices from a single dashboard, automate processes, mass deployment, OTA updates, and gain insights into device performance and health, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Businesses can benefit from important features like real-time vehicle tracking, telematics data, remote diagnostics, maintenance, and centralized fleet overview thanks to AutoPi's cloud-based fleet management solution.

These features give companies the ability to increase fleet efficiency, cut operational expenses, and make data-driven decisions to maximize resource use.

AutoPi's cloud management platform enhances the security of device management and fleet management through features such as encrypted data transmission, secure cloud storage, and regular software updates. This ensures that businesses can trust the integrity of the systems while safeguarding valuable data and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.

Yes, AutoPi's cloud management platform can be customized to meet specific business needs in device and fleet management. The platform's flexiblity and adaptability allow businesses to tailor the solutions, integrating with existing systems and tools to create a comprehensive, end-to-end management system that aligns with their operational goals.

AutoPi's cloud platform supports scalability and growth for businesses in device and fleet management by offering modular architecture and seamless integration capabilities. As a business expands its operations, the platform can easily accommodate additional devices and vehicles, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient management.

Moreover, AutoPi's robust API enables the platform to integrate with other systems and tools, facilitating streamlined growth and adaptability in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


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