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GPS Fleet Tracking

Keep Every Vehicle in Your Fleet on Track

Managing your fleet shouldn't feel like a guesswork, but more like having a clear road map. Our GPS Fleet Tracking gives you live updates, so you always know where your vehicles are. No nonsense, just results.

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Feature Highlights

Tracking Made Easy

See your fleet in a whole new light with GPS tracking. It's easy, efficient, and smart. You'll save money, keep everyone safer, and get the full story on your vehicles, all without breaking a sweat.


Elevate Fleet Efficiency

Maximize productivity, reduce costs, and enhance safety. Our GPS tracking lets you see everything in real-time, making management effortless and effective.

See where every vehicle is this second. It helps you make quick decisions, keeps deliveries on time, and boosts your team's work. Simple as that.

Get an alert the moment something needs your attention. It's all about keeping things safe and on track, without needing to watch a screen all day.

Find the best routes with easy-to-read maps. It saves money and makes everyone's day smoother. Plus, you get to see how things went, which helps plan even better next time.

Check out your dashboard for the whole picture or dive into reports that tell you exactly what you need. Manage your fleet from anywhere, making sure everything runs like clockwork.

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Instant Location Updates


Immediate Issue Alerts


Efficient Path Planning


Insightful Data Summaries

Feature Details

Effortless GPS Fleet Tracking

Streamline fleet management with our GPS tracking. Cut fuel costs, keep vehicles running smoothly, and boost sustainability.

Less Fuel, More Miles

High fuel bills? Let's tackle that. Our tool shows who's driving efficiently and who could use a tip or two. Imagine saving more on every trip and doing good for our planet. That's what smart fuel tracking is all about—fewer fill-ups, more savings.

Fuel Management

Smooth Rides, No Surprises

Breakdowns throw a wrench in your day, literally. Our system sends an alert before small issues grow. Think of it as your fleet’s health check-up—keeping everything running smoothly, reducing repair costs, and getting the most out of every vehicle.

Right Info, Right Time

Need to stay on top of things without the hassle? Our alerts are just that—timely, relevant, not too much. From a tire needing air to a vehicle due back, it’s all about making your day easier. Quick, smart decisions, less stress.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Know Your Fleet's Every Move

Worried about where your vehicles are and if they’re safe? Geofencing has your back. Set up invisible boundaries and get alerts if a vehicle steps out. It’s about peace of mind, saving time, and making sure everything is exactly where it needs to be.

Easy Access, Total Control

Dealing with keys is old school. With keyless entry, manage who gets into what vehicle, when, without a single key. It’s smooth operations, fewer headaches, and everyone’s on the move faster. Plus, you’re always in control, from anywhere.

Keyless Entry
Green Fleet, Clearn Conscience

Dealing with keys is old school. With keyless entry, manage who gets into what vehicle, when, without a single key. It’s smooth operations, fewer headaches, and everyone’s on the move faster. Plus, you’re always in control, from anywhere.

Fleet Sustainability

Core Feature

Transform Your Fleet Operations

Upgrade to AutoPi and get real-time GPS tracking, seamless device-cloud integration, and actionable insights—all in one place. It's smart fleet management made simple.

Simplified Fleet Monitoring

Imagine having a bird's-eye view of your entire fleet, accessible from anywhere. That's AutoPi Cloud for you. It brings all your tracking data together, making it easy to see the big picture or zoom in on details.

Data-Driven Decisions

Turn data into your most valuable asset. With AutoPi Cloud, analyze trends, optimize routes, and make decisions that save time and money, all based on real-time insights.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Potential

AutoPi Cloud plays well with others, connecting with your existing business tools for a seamless workflow. It’s all about making your life easier, streamlining operations, and unlocking new possibilities for efficiency and growth.

AutoPi Cloud
Illustrated AutoPi Cloud on monitor and mobile

Track Anywhere, Anytime

Keep a close eye on your fleet with pinpoint GPS accuracy. City streets or open roads, the AutoPi mini never misses a beat, keeping you updated in real time.

Always Connected

Data at your fingertips thanks to 4G/LTE and Bluetooth. It’s about staying in the know, on the go. Alerts and updates? They’re instant, so you’re always a step ahead.

Setup? A Breeze

No fuss setup and updates that come to you. The AutoPi mini is all about keeping things simple but powerful. Plug it in, and you’re good to go.

AutoPi Mini
AutoPi mini with an widget

TRack, Connect, Repeat

Not just GPS—with WiFi and Ethernet, too, the TMU CM4 makes sure you’ve got coverage wherever your fleet roams. More ways to connect means more ways to keep track.

Your Fleet, Your Way

Customize to your heart’s content with open-source software and Docker magic. The TMU CM4 adapts to your fleet needs, growing and evolving with you.

Know Your Fleet Inside Out

Dive deep with dual CAN Bus and OBD. From vehicle health to driver behavior, get all the insights. Plus, with keyless entry and top-notch security, your fleet’s safe and sound.

AutoPi TMU CM4
AutoPi TMU CM4 Higlighted
Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

It’s a way to see where your vehicles are using GPS. Think of it as having a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet. With AutoPi, it’s real-time, so you know exactly where everyone is and how they’re doing, helping you make smarter moves.

AutoPi's GPS tracking system makes everything smoother. Depending on your industry, you'll cut down on fuel, make sure drivers are safe, and even save some cash on running costs. It’s all about giving you the tools to make better decisions and keep things rolling efficiently.

Definitely. With AutoPi, you’re on top of routes, idle times get slashed, and you’re smarter about fuel. Plus, it keeps an eye on vehicle health to dodge costly repairs. All those savings add up, making a big difference to your bottom line.

Yes, it’s perfect for any size. AutoPi scales with you. Small fleets get just as much value, optimizing routes and saving on costs. It’s a game-changer for efficiency, no matter how many vehicles you’re managing.

AutoPi makes it super simple. Our system plugs right in and starts working with what you’ve already got. There’s no tech headache or downtime, so you can jump straight into making your fleet more efficient.

With AutoPi, your data’s locked down tight. We take privacy seriously, encrypting information and making sure only the right eyes see it. Your fleet’s data is safe, secure, and always in your control.


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