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Keyless Entry

Elevate Your Fleet, Ditch the Keys

Take your fleet management up a notch. Our Keyless Solution offers a smarter, secure way to handle your fleet, regardless of its size. Experience hassle-free management that puts you in control.

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Feature Highlights

Start Simple: Your Fleet,

Our Keyless Solution cuts through the complexity, offering you a straightforward way to unlock efficiency, security, and peace of mind. Everything you need for smoother operations is now in one place, easy and intuitive.


Simple Setup, Solid Security

Get to know our Keyless Solution—a blend of simplicity and security that feels just right. Setting it up is a snap, and keeping your fleet safe is easier than ever.

Turn your smartphone into a powerful key for your entire fleet. Our Keyless Solution uses top-notch security to give you instant, secure access to any vehicle. It’s designed to be intuitive, making managing access rights straightforward and efficient.

Our technology is built to fit every vehicle with an OBD port in your fleet. It’s about bringing reliable keyless entry to your entire lineup, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for everyone using it.

Setting up our Keyless Solution is straightforward. There’s no need to mess with wires or make major changes to your vehicles. Just add our module, and you’re set. It’s all about getting you up and running quickly, without compromising your vehicles.

Manage your fleet from anywhere with our advanced remote capabilities. Whether you’re locking up for the night or locating a vehicle in real-time, our platform gives you the insights and control you need, right when you need them.

Our centralized platform doesn’t just make your fleet keyless; it makes it safer. With advanced security features, you control who has access to each vehicle and monitor usage in real-time. It’s about keeping your fleet secure and running smoothly.

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Unlock Anytine, Anywhere


Maximize Fleet Security


Manage On-The-Go


Track in Real-time

Feature Details

Make Your Fleet Smarter with Keyless Tech

Our keyless solution brings you closer to your fleet than ever, effortlessly integrating with electric vehicles and ensuring every vehicle is just a tap away.

Electric Vehicle Compatibility

Go green smoothly with our keyless tech that treats electric vehicles like stars. It’s all about plug, play, and protect, ensuring your eco-friendly choices are effortlessly managed.

Electric Vehicle

Secure Access Anytime

Imagine locking and unlocking with a breeze, knowing exactly who accesses your vehicles and when. It’s about keeping things tight and right, minus the headache.

Access Control

Track with Precision

Our tracking isn’t just about dots on a map; it’s about giving you the full story—who, when, and how your vehicles are used, making your fleet smarter and safer.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Start Alert, Stay Informed

Get the who’s-who and what’s-what without drowning in details. Our alerts keep you in the know, making sure you’re always a step ahead.

Alerts & Notification

Efficient Geofencing

Draw lines that your fleet won’t cross, automagically. It’s about having peace of mind, knowing your vehicles are where they should be.


Streamline Device Management

Keep every keyless device humming without breaking a sweat. Our platform means you spend less time managing and more time moving forward.

Device Management

Core Feature

Power Up Your Fleet with AutoPi

Dive into easy fleet management with AutoPi. From real-time tracking to quick insights, our Cloud and TMU CM4 make everything straightforward. AutoPi turns complex tasks into simple clicks.

Seamless Fleet Insights

Dive into a dashboard that brings your fleet’s heartbeat to your screen. Track, analyze, and improve with ease.

Alerts That Matter

Get notifications that keep you a step ahead, from maintenance heads-ups to security alerts. Always informed, always ready.

Control from Afar

Imagine managing your fleet’s every lock and engine start from afar. That’s the AutoPi Cloud promise: control at your fingertips.

AutoPi Cloud
AutoPi Cloud shown as an illustrated widget

In-Depth Telematics

The core of intelligent fleet management. Harness real-time locations, vehicle diagnostics, and driving patterns to optimize your operations.

Tailored for Your Fleet

The AutoPi TMU CM4 integrates seamlessly with your vehicles, offering a smooth setup. It's designed to get your fleet tech-ready efficiently.

A Platform That Grows with You

Adapt and expand with the TMU CM4’s scalable platform. It's built to accommodate your fleet's evolving needs, from adding sensors to upgrading software.

AutoPi TMU CM4
AutoPi TMU CM4 Zoomed In
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Frequently asked questions

Imagine unlocking and starting your vehicles without ever touching a key. That's what a keyless entry system does. It uses a small gadget or your phone to do all the work, making getting in and going easier and safer. For more detailed information, check out more on our blog.

Keyless entry means you decide who gets into your vehicles and when, all without a physical key that can get lost or copied. It’s all about making things safer and smarter, with the bonus of keeping a close eye on vehicle access.

Yep, our keyless solution can easily integrate with electric vehicles (EVs). It integrates smoothly, so managing your EV fleet becomes a breeze, supporting your move towards greener driving.

Super cool! Geofencing lets you set virtual fences for your vehicles. If a vehicle steps out of line, you’ll know instantly. It’s a game-changer for making sure your vehicles are exactly where they should be.

Alerts keep you in the loop with what’s happening with your fleet—think of them as your fleet’s way of talking to you. Unauthorized access? You’ll get an alert. Vehicle not locked properly? You’ll know. It’s about staying informed effortlessly.

Not at all. Managing the AutoPi devices is straightforward with our device management system. Whether you’re updating settings, adding new features, or solving small hiccups, you can do it all from anywhere, easily keeping your fleet running smoothly.


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