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Device Configuration Management

Skillfully Manage Your Fleet Devices

Integrate seamlessly into your development process. Register, organize, and remotely manage devices without leaving your coding environment. Our platform is engineered to boost productivity and simplify the complexities of fleet management for developers.

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Feature Highlights

Code More, Manage Less:
Smart Device Control

Maximize efficiency with our streamlined device management. Quick setup, precise control, and secure operations empower you to scale and innovate without limits. Less time managing, more time creating.


Streamlined Device Configuration Management

Simplify device management and control, freeing up your innovation with a platform that streamlines your development workflow.

Easily onboard and structure your devices. Our platform simplifies creating flexible hierarchies, enhancing fleet maintenance and enabling quick workflow adaptations.

Find exactly what you need, when you need it. Utilize powerful filtering to swiftly locate devices by attributes, streamlining decision-making and operational efficiency.

Monitor device health and security from anywhere. Our solution offers remote insights and troubleshooting, allowing for proactive management and updates across your devices.

Act on device needs instantly. Perform critical updates and reboots remotely, ensuring your devices remain up-to-date and operational without unnecessary downtime.

Expand your operations effortlessly. Our platform supports scalable device management, from a handful of devices to thousands, maintaining seamless performance and reliability.

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Configure devices swiftly


Explore OBD data easily


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Simplify your setup

Feature Details

Simplify Your Device Management

Maximize efficiency with streamlined device management. Configure, monitor, and update devices effortlessly, ensuring peak performance and security. Our platform offers the essential tools for seamless device integration and management, empowering you to focus on innovation and growth.

Precision Device Configuration

Define device behavior with unmatched precision. Utilize our API for rule-based configurations, employing JSON for detailed settings and MQTT for immediate communication. Customize device functionalities to meet fleet demands, ensuring operational efficiency and security.

Real-Time Device Data

Streamline device management for developers with real-time data, employing Python for sophisticated event processing and cloud integration. Enhance system reliability and fleet efficiency through direct, actionable insights.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Signal Data Mastery

Expertly manage signal data from devices. Analyze CAN bus and IoT sensor data with advanced processing techniques. Utilize custom filters for precise data handling, ensuring valuable insights are derived and communicated to cloud platforms for optimal device performance.

Secure Device Communication

Ensure secure device communications with robust encryption. Implement SSL/TLS protocols and employ HMAC for integrity verification. Keep your device data secure and tamper-proof with detailed logs and proactive monitoring, upholding the highest security standards.

Advanced Device Integration

Achieve effortless device integration. Leverage RESTful APIs and MQTT for dynamic data exchange, enabling remote configuration and firmware updates. Provide a flexible, powerful foundation for managing a wide array of device actions across your fleet.

Efficient OTA Updates

Streamline device updates with OTA capabilities. Facilitate bulk updates seamlessly, using Docker for consistent deployment and rollback strategies for safety. Keep your devices current with the latest software and firmware, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous fleet efficiency.

OTA Updates & Diagnostics

Core Feature

Flexible Configuration & Management

Streamline device management with flexible configuration, robust security, and an intuitive, customizable interface. Elevate efficiency and productivity effortlessly.

API Connectivity

Enhance your development workflow with our advanced API connectivity. Automate device management processes, enabling efficient synchronization and seamless integration with your existing tools and systems for improved operational efficiency.

Device Configuration Management

Simplify device configuration with our powerful management tools. Easily apply and manage settings across multiple devices, ensuring uniform performance and adherence to security policies. Our platform facilitates real-time updates and centralized control, optimizing fleet operations.

Scalable Deployment

Deploy at scale with confidence. Our platform supports scalable integration strategies, enabling you to manage an expanding fleet of devices with ease. Whether you're deploying a handful of devices or thousands, maintain control and consistency at every level.

AutoPi Cloud
Illustrated AutoPi Cloud on monitor and mobile

Data Encryption

Secure your data with comprehensive end-to-end encryption. Our robust security protocols ensure that every data transfer and storage process meets the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity, protecting your fleet from potential threats.

Access Control

Customize access with detailed control mechanisms. Our platform offers sophisticated access management, allowing you to define user roles and permissions with precision, securing sensitive operations and data against unauthorized access.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor your fleet's security status in real-time. Our continuous monitoring tools alert you to potential security issues immediately, providing detailed logs for audit purposes and enabling quick responses to protect your devices and data.

AutoPi Cloud
AutoPi Cloud Dashboard

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate with ease through our intuitive, developer-friendly interface. Designed to simplify complex device management tasks, our dashboard provides clear, actionable insights, making device administration straightforward and efficient.

Customizable Dashboards

Create your perfect monitoring workspace with customizable dashboards and widgets. Tailor your dashboard to fit your needs, choosing from a variety of widgets that provide at-a-glance information on device performance, health, and more for personalized, efficient fleet oversight.

Comprehensive Documentation

Accelerate your development with our detailed documentation. From initial setup to exploring advanced functionalities, our guides offer the support you need to successfully implement and leverage our platform's full capabilities.

AutoPi Cloud
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Frequently asked questions

It's managing device settings and policies from a central platform, enabling consistent performance and security across your fleet.

APIs automate device tasks like updates and monitoring, streamlining your development workflow and device operations.

Yes, our platform allows for automated OTA software and firmware updates, ensuring all devices run the latest versions without manual intervention.

We use data encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring to keep your devices and their data secure.

Absolutely. The dashboard is fully customizable with widgets and APIs to fit your project’s specific monitoring needs.

Yes, we offer detailed documentation and source code examples on GitHub to support your device integration and management projects.


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