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Fleet Sustainability

Your Partner in Fleet Sustainability

Our customizable IoT solution brings you closer to a zero-emissions future by continuously integrating with almost any electric vehicle. Achieve better efficiency and reduced environmental impact, improving your fleet’s performance.

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Get More from Your EV Fleet

Our platform helps you manage your electric vehicles easily. Track battery status and optimize charging schedules to keep your fleet efficient and environmentally friendly.


Take control of your electric fleet with our easy-to-use tools that understand EV needs. Our platform is compatible with various EV models and simplifies complex tasks like optimizing driving routes and managing energy usage.

Gain insights into your fleet's performance, including precise state of charge and energy consumption metrics, ensuring you’re always running at peak efficiency.

Maximize the longevity and performance of your EVs with our battery health monitoring and optimized charging strategies. Keep tabs on the state of health and state of charge for each vehicle's battery, allowing for timely maintenance and charging interventions.

Smart charging schedules are designed to enhance battery life and ensure your fleet is powered up and ready when needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational readiness.

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Essential Tools for your Electric Fleet

Get the right support for your electric vehicles with features that make management straightforward. Our platform covers all bases to help you run a more effective and sustainable fleet.


Full Electric Vehicle Support

Our platform recognizes and adapts to a variety of electric vehicle models, ensuring your fleet is always connected and supported, no matter the make or model.

Electric Vehicle

Sustainable Fleet Management

Manage your electric fleet with ease. Monitor performance, track usage, and gather data to optimize operations and reduce costs efficiently.

EV Fleet Management

Fuel Management

Optimize fueling across your fleet. Our smart scheduling tools ensure that your vehicles are not exceeding unnecessary fuel, maximizing uptime and reducing costs.

EV Fleet Charging


Designed for Your EV Fleet

Dive into our products tailored to enhance your EV fleet management. Whether you’re looking for robust hardware or comprehensive cloud solutions, we have the right tools to boost your fleet’s performance and sustainability.


Compact Powerhouse

The AutoPi Mini is a small yet powerful device that brings advanced vehicle management to your fingertips. Easily connect this versatile tool to your EVs and enjoy real-time data monitoring and enhanced control, no matter where your vehicles are.

AutoPi Mini

Manage Your EV Fleet Anywhere

With AutoPi Cloud, you gain the freedom to manage your EV fleet from anywhere. This cloud-based platform offers you comprehensive insights and control over your fleet operations, ensuring you stay connected and informed about every aspect of your fleet’s performance.

AutoPi Cloud

Fleet Sustainability by the Numbers

Implementing sustainable practices in fleet management not only drives efficiency but also significantly cuts costs and carbon emissions, making a positive impact on both your bottom line and the environment.

Boost Fuel Efficiency by 25%

Achieve a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, reducing both costs and emissions.

Cut Carbon Emissions by 90%

Fleet electrification can provide over 90% of the necessary reductions in energy-related carbon emissions.

Reduce Operational Costs by 20%

Cut operational expenses by 20% through smarter routes and energy management.

Increase Fleet Uptime by 15%

Enhance fleet availability by 15% with better battery health monitoring and charging practices.

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Frequently asked questions

Fleet sustainability refers to the management practices that ensure a fleet operates in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner. This includes adopting technologies and strategies that reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and waste, while improving overall fleet efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with both electric and traditional vehicles, allowing you to monitor and manage your entire fleet through a single interface. This includes real-time data on vehicle performance, energy usage, and maintenance needs, enabling efficient management across different vehicle types.

We provide extensive support for electric vehicles, including compatibility with various EV models, advanced battery health monitoring, and optimized charging strategies to ensure your fleet is always ready and running efficiently.

Yes, our platform helps reduce operational costs by improving route planning, optimizing energy consumption, and enhancing vehicle maintenance practices. These improvements lead to lower fuel expenses, reduced maintenance costs, and less downtime.

Our solution enhances fleet uptime by offering proactive maintenance alerts and optimized charging schedules. This ensures that vehicles are maintained before issues arise and are charged efficiently, minimizing downtime and keeping your fleet operational.

Our platform monitors emissions and supplies all necessary data to ensure compliance with global, state, and local environmental regulations. This helps you maintain standards and supports your efforts to exceed them.


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