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Asset Tracking

Secure your operations, reduce the risk of delays and loss of equipment by having it tracked and assigned to a specific vehicle. Prevent common mistakes, such as forgetting to bring crucial equipment to a site or leaving it there.

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What is an Asset Management System?

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It's basically any solution a company uses to keep track of their equipment and inventory, vital to their daily operations. Real-time asset tracking solution gives companies a tool that is more beneficial for their daily operations than most realize. By reducing small redundant errors, the ROI for such a system is quickly within sight.

Using BLE Asset Tracking

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With the AutoPi BLE asset tracking solution, you can handle and adjust your own equipment through your own server setup. Giving you full control over the system and how it should handle its data. The AutoPi device works as an IoT Gateway between the beacons and your software. The AutoPi Cloud can also be configured to be used as the management platform.

Convenient usage

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Easily control the status and current location of your assets remotely. Simply establish remote alerts to notify you when a vehicle enters or exit a geofenced zone with or without the assigned equipment. With a AutoPi BLE asset tracking solution, the driver will be notified of a missing object, and instantly react accordingly.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

Improved visibility of physical assets

Monitor and track your physical assets easily with a help of AutoPi Asset Tracking Solution.

Reduced potential costs associated with theft and loss

By being able to track your physical assets, you lower the chances of your equipment of being stolen or lost.

Reduced administration with a digital inventory system

The digital asset tracking system is simple and intuitive, which reduces the time of administration.

More uptime for your workers to do their job

The digital asset tracking system helps your employees to spend less time on controlling the equipment and focusing on their actual job.

Our Asset Tracking Solution can be implemented in many industries, such as:

How does Asset Tracking work?

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Simply said, it is the capability to track fixed assets using tagged equipment. A great example would be a construction worker, using very expensive equipment. If he/she forgets the equipment on the site, it can lead to a critical cost or even theft.

That is where asset tracking system, more specifically the AutoPi BLE asset tracking solution can solve this challenge and prevent any unnecessary situation within any company.

These tools or devices come in the form of Bluetooth, NFC, QR Codes, GPS, barcodes, and RFID tags. In our case, the solution currently supports Bluetooth.
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