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AutoPi Asset Tracking

Increase fleet visibility and secure all your operations in real-time

Eliminate any risk of delays and loss of valuable assets by employing real-time BLE asset tracking and management of generators, vehicles, computers, or other technological equipment.

Benefits and features

A configurable tool to manage your assets

Flexible and configurable

Modify the AutoPi Asset Tracking to fit your requirements/needs.

Enhanced visibility

Track your physical assets in real-time regardless of their location.

Eliminated pointless costs

Put an end to unnecessary costs and keep your equipment safe.

Exploit virtual borders

Set up a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographical area.

Centralized data

Consolidate data collection from your physical assets into one place.


The asset tracking system will grow with your company as well as its needs and goals.

Real-time BLE asset tracking

Manage anything and everything that affects your fleet assets

Fleet asset tracking presentation

Eliminate unnecessary costs across your operation.

Secure your operations, and reduce the risk of delays and loss of equipment by having it tracked in real-time and assigned to a specific vehicle. Prevent common mistakes, such as forgetting to bring crucial equipment to a site or leaving it.

Control the status and current location of your assets in real-time.

Set up immediate remote alerts when a device enters or exits a predefined geofenced area. The asset tracker has a rugged design and long battery life, making it suitable for outdoor use and hazardous weather.

Gather all the essential data into one location.

Improve accurate data with the use of AutoPi BLE asset tracking, which will give you full control over the system and how it should handle its data. The AutoPi TMU device works as a gateway between the beacons and your software.

Fleet asset tracking presentation
Geofence presentation
Convenient Usage

Manage assets from an accessible and secure cloud

Geofence presentation

Manage your fleet assets anywhere you want

Easily manage your fleet through your computer, laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone, regardless of where you are. With the use of AutoPi Cloud, you can have a combined overview of your fleet with their current inventory list in real-time.

Optimize your administrative processes

Acquire a digital inventory system that is simple and intuitive, which reduces the time of administration, enabling you to focus on the more important tasks.

Understand and improve asset utilization

Improve fleet asset management with deeper insights into how assets are used. A report on actual asset utilization, dwell times, yard movements, and yard entry/exit times. Integration with allows you to track asset usage and location trends directly from AutoPi Management Cloud.

Why AutoPi Asset Tracking?

AutoPi Asset Tracking is a fully customizable tool to deploy and manage connected physical assets. The BLE tracking system is designed to enable monitoring and tracking of your deployed physical assets while keeping an overview of your inventory through your server setup.

Allowing you to get full control over the system and how it should manage the data. Your fleet assets can easily be managed through the computer, laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone.

With the use of AutoPi Cloud, combined with the AutoPi TMU device, you will gain a real-time overview of your fleet and your current inventory list.

Keep sight of vital equipment and reduce small unnecessary errors, to maximize your daily operations. Effortlessly, manage the status and location of your assets remotely to bring your business to the next level.

Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

Asset Tracking is any solution a company uses to keep track of its equipment and inventory, which is vital to its daily operations. Real-time asset tracking solution gives companies a fleet management tool that is more beneficial for their daily operations than most realize. By reducing small redundant errors, the ROI for such a system is quickly within sight.

Simply said, it is the capability to track fixed assets using tagged equipment, also known as a fixed asset management system. A great example would be a construction worker, using very expensive equipment. If he/she forgets the equipment on the site, it can lead to a critical cost or even theft. That is where an asset tracking system, more specifically the AutoPi BLE asset tracking solution can solve this challenge and prevent any unnecessary situation within any company. Asset Tracking Solution is commonly implemented in fleet management software to improve its efficiency.

It depends on the amount of valuable physical assets you have to manage and how many people need access to that asset tracking software. These tools or devices come in the form of Bluetooth, NFC, QR Codes, GPS, barcodes, and RFID tags, which are common for a variety of businesses.

It is very important to have a detailed asset management system for all your critical assets. Knowing what you have, will help you know what to upgrade or replace to stay at the forefront of the industry. You can also reduce costs and find better and more efficient ways to get things done. Administrative staff can work faster because they have a very detailed log of the materials they reference. Investing in Asset Tracking also helps you keep accurate company records and understand how much your taxes will be with a detailed breakdown of each department. Some industries also require asset tracking to keep records. Therefore, it is always a great strategy to stay one step ahead of the game.

BLE Asset Tracking is a tool made for simplifying the tracking of equipment. With the AutoPi BLE asset tracking solution, you can handle and adjust your own equipment through your own server setup. Giving you full control over the system and how it should handle its data. The AutoPi TMU device works as an IoT Gateway between the beacons and your software. The AutoPi Cloud can also be configured to be used as the management platform.


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