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Ok Telematics Unit

The AutoPi IoT Platform

Advanced Telematics and Fleet Management System

The AutoPi Telematics Unit and the AutoPi Cloud combines to an IoT Platform which lets you add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

Trusted by 3,000+ clients worldwide

4+ million kilometers driven daily

1+ million data points analyzed daily

What we do

Infrastructure to your automotive IoT telematics project

AutoPi is the first extendable Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for your car, built on the Raspberry Pi.
It consists of a hardware dongle and the IoT software platform, from which you can monitor and configure your car.

AutoPi Telematics Unit Telematics Unit


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AutoPi Management Cloud IoT Platform

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Used Worldwide: With AutoPi, you get a solution verified working on all continents.

Years of experience: We have 10+ years of experience with telematics solutions.

Proven track record: With our experience in custom IoT telematics solutions, you get a partner with a proven track record.

Our Business Solutions

The partner you can rely on

Lower your time to market, by kick-starting your business with a wide range of integration possibilities and different plans from AutoPi:

Keyless Solution

Keyless Solution

The secure keyless solution is a scalable digital solution that allows drivers to remotely and securely access the vehicle, as well as remotely manage...

IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway

AutoPi IoT Gateway Solution is a one-point gateway that enables to have control of your data flow from your existing software solution for secure and ...

Big Data

Big Data

AutoPi Big Data solution provides companies with high frequency and quality data to flow properly. AutoPi can log, store and support the data in real-...

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) token solution, which companies use to monitor their equipment and inventory is crucial for their dai...

Docker Integration

Docker Integration

AutoPi Docker Integration Solution gives you the possibility to run your own software in an isolated environment and becoming independent of network c...

Raspberry Pi 3 model A+

Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 model A+

Tailored to your requirements

Computing Power

Equipped with a Broadcom BCM2837B0 64-bit Quad-core CPU at 1.4 GHz, 512MB RAM and also an integrated GPU. This is enough to do advanced tasks like HD video recording and playback. It is even capable of image recognition and machine vision.

Operating System

Raspbian is the officialy supported OS. It is an adaptation of the entirely free Linux distribution; Debian. The AutoPi Telematics Unit comes with a pre-installed SD card containing the AutoPi Core based on Raspbian. If you want, you can easily run your own software and OS.

Connectivity Options

Provided with HDMI, USB and also 40 GPIO pins. The GPIO pins can be used for all sorts of purposes; most can be used as either inputs or outputs. Sixteen of the pins can be accessed directly from the outside of the AutoPi Telematics Unit enclosure. This is done through a connector cable, which purchased together with the AutoPi Telematics Unit.

Extensive Community

With over 12 millions devices sold worldwide since 2012, a huge Raspberry Pi community exists today. It is easy to find information, share ideas with other like-minded and get help. The Raspberry Pi has even gone into space, as it was used on the International Space Station.

These are a few of the possibilities

The most versatile IoT platform on the market

The AutoPi system is great for your projects, this is just some things you could build with your AutoPi: Features Overview
Image Analysis

Using image analysis to improve driving behavior.

Add Sensors

Use external sensors to add new features to your car, like parking assistance.

External Display

Connect an external display to create an in-vehicle dashboard.

Theft Detection

Keep track of your car at all times, even when you are not in the car.

External Display

Connect an external display to create an in-vehicle dashboard.

Event Detection

Remotely detect important events, such as crash information.


Get remote notification about important events from your car.

Remote Control

Control your car remotely by sending advanced CAN commands, like unlock/lock vehicle.

Driving Patterns

Build a system that detects bad driving patterns and gives suggestions to improve.

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Support for Electric Vehicles

We support a wide range of Electric Vehicles

Use the AutoPi to implement functions such as these:

State of Charge (SoC)

Monitor detailed charge information and keep track of the best possible charge stategy for your vehicle.

Battery Health

Get information about battery health, to keep your battery in the best possible condition.

Remote charge notifications

Monitor charge status remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Eco Driving

Implement eco driving features to optimize range of your battery.

Driving Power

Keep track of driving power to see what is draining your battery.

Driving range per Charge

Calculate estimated driving range per charge, based on historical driving data.

Learn more about AutoPi with electric vehicles

AutoPi for Business

Use it for your business with these features: Features Overview
Fleet Monitoring

Monitor entire fleets remotely and get detailed information on whereabouts and condition.

High Speed CAN Logging

Get one of the fastest CAN loggers in the industry, using the power of the Raspberry Pi.

High Speed accelerometer Logging

Get detailed high speed accelerometer data and used it to analyze events from the vehicles.

Implement custom DBC files

Import or implement custom DBC/KCD/ArXML/Sym/CDD files to ease integration to your vehicles.

Configure Fleets with Templates

Connect an external display to create an in-vehicle dashboard.

OTA Updates of Devices

Keep your devices up-to-date with over the air automatic updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoPi is the first extendable Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for your car, built on the Raspberry Pi. The AutoPi system consists of a hardware dongle with many extension possibilities and an IoT software platform from which you can monitor and configure your car. You can set up advanced triggers, add widgets to your customizable dashboard, install new features and much more.

Reliability, trustworthiness, and expertise.

When building custom solutions for our clients, we also build partnerships with our clients, to find the right solution for them in a long run. We will be here for a long time and slowly want to become the #1 business, when it comes to the custom telematics solutions.

Read more about us here.

AutoPi offers multiple ready solutions to implemented right away. Our expertise is to configure and customize each solution for our clients, as well as providing them with a possibility to have a control over their data.

Learn more about our business solutions here.

AutoPi works with multiple industries with a goal to shape the better future. See the list of all industries we work with at the moment here.

The AutoPi dongle is plugged in through the OBD-II port in the vehicle. The device needs to also be installed – see the guide here. The device can decode raw CAN Bus data into a readable form. We support CAN Bus, J1939, CAN-FD and DoIP.

With AutoPi, you can. AutoPi device is built on Raspberry Pi, which is an open source-software and gives you the ability to build anything on top of our solution. This is also one of our competitive advantages, as it allows our clients to get exactly what they are looking for. There are plenty of use cases and upgrades when it comes to Raspberry Pi.

Take a look at one of the common use cases, Raspberry Pi touch screen car computer here .

Yes. We provide businesses with white labeling options and assist OEM’s and fleet software providers to leverage on the AutoPi IoT Platform. You can simply build your product on top of the AutoPi Platform and brand it directly to your own business.

Contact us if you want to hear more about our white labeling options.

You can brand both AutoPi hardware and software to yours or your clients’ needs. Additionally, you can keep the service and support by our experienced team. Our possibilities are flexible and adaptable, based on your specific needs.

We ship globally within 1-3 business days. Once the order is shipped out, you will receive a tracking link to follow your order.

All orders are delivered within 1-3 business days after being shipped out. Contact us for more detailed info

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