Bring intelligence to your car

This is the device that lets you setup and program your intelligent car.
The AutoPi Telematics Unit and the AutoPi Cloud combines to an IoT Platform which lets you add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

AutoPi Telematics Unit

With built-in Internet access through a 4G/3G connection plus Bluetooth and WiFi, depending on your model.

An embedded Raspberry Pi enables the AutoPi Telematics Unit to do almost anything.

Real-time tracking of vehicle position, speed and altitude. Includes A-GPS which significantly improves performance.

Advanced OBD-II chip that supports communication to all OBD-II compliant vehicles.

Embedded 3-axis accelerometer for measurement of all horizontal and vertical G-forces applied to the car.

Playback of voice notifications based on data from GPS, accelerometer, car diagnostics or devices attached externally.

Connect peripherals using any of the two provided USB 2.0 ports, HDMI or GPIO Pins.

AutoPi Cloud


Make data visualization and asset tracking through widgets on your dashboard, individually configured.


Trigger external system connected through the AutoPi Telematics Unit or trigger external web systems.

SMS/Email alerts

Get alerts through your triggers. Available through platforms like SMS, Email, Socialmedias or push messages.

Remote monitoring

The system is always on, even when you are not near. Use it for parental monitoring or to monitor driving behaviour.

Add-ons from community library

Extend your AutoPi Telematics Unit by connecting external hardware and install drivers, widgets and jobs with a click.

Communicates with your car

View health, performance and driving behaviour with the direct integration to your car, through the OBD port.

Historical trips

Go back in history and review performance data, insidents and events per trip.

These are a few of the possibilities

The AutoPi system is great for your projects, this is just some of the things you could build with your AutoPi.

Image analysis

Using image analysis to improve driving behaviour

Add sensors

Use external sensors to add new featuers to your car, like parking assistance

External display

Connect an external display to create an in-vehicle dashboard

Theft Detection

Keep track of your car at all times, even when you are not in the car Features Overview

Get remote notification about important events from your car

Remote control

Control your car remotely by sending advanced CAN commands, like unlock/lock vehicle

Driving patterns

Build a system that detects bad driving patterns and gives suggestions to improve

Event detection

Remotely detect important events, such as crash information

Secure and resilient

Built on proven technology to ensure secure and efficient communication using RSA and AES encryption.
Our infrastructure is based on SaltStack, running on all AutoPi Telematics Units.

Support for electric vehicles

We support a wide range of Electric Vehicles. Use the AutoPi to implement functions such as these

State of Charge (SoC)

Monitor detailed charge information and keep track of the best possible charge stategy for your vehicle

Battery health

Get information about battery health, to keep your battery in the best possible condition

Remote charge notifications

Monitor charge status remotely from a smartphone or tablet

Driving power

Keep track of driving power to see what is draining your battery

Driving range per charge

Calculate estimated driving range per charge, based on historical driving data

Eco driving

Implement eco driving features to optimize range of your battery

AutoPi for Business

Use it for your business with these features.

Fleet monitoring

Monitor entire fleets remotely and get detailed information on whereabouts and condition

High speed CAN logging

Get one of the fastest CAN loggers in the industry, using the power of the Raspberry Pi

High speed accelerometer logging

Get detailed high speed accelerometer data and used it to analyze events from the vehicles

Implement custom DBC files

Import or implement custom DBC/KCD/ArXML/Sym/CDD files to ease integration to your vehicles

Configure fleets with templates

Generate templates to apply configation and settings to entire fleets

OTA updates of devices

Keep your devices up-to-date with over the air automatic updates Features Overview

Configure everything from AutoPi Cloud

With the AutoPi Cloud it's possible to customize every little detail of your device.

Cloud Endpoint

Connect the device to your own endpoint and send data directly to your servers.


Configure the device to speak important alerts in the car using the built-in speaker.


Setup the range and sampling rate of the accelerometer, to get the exact precision you need for your project.

OBD Proxy

Create an OBD proxy on the device, to allow connections from third party mobile app, such as Torque Lite/Pro (Android) and Car Scanner (iOS)

WiFi Hotspot/Client

Configure the WiFi hotspot of the device, hide the SSID and setup security settings.

Power management

Control the power management, with settings such as critical level, safety cut-out, sleep timer, wake trigger and much more.

Connect your

Any external device can be connected to your AutoPi Telematics Unit

Built with killer technologies

AutoPi is built on Angular


AutoPi is built on Bower


AutoPi is built on Python


AutoPi is built on SaltStack


AutoPi is built on Google Assistant

Google Assistant

AutoPi is built on ZeroMQ


AutoPi is built on OBD Solutions

OBD Solutions

AutoPi is built on AWS


AutoPi is built on Vagrant


AutoPi is built on Bootstrap


AutoPi is built on Django


AutoPi is built on ElasticSearch


AutoPi is built on Gulp


AutoPi is built on PostgreSQL


AutoPi is built on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

AutoPi is built on Redis

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