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The all-in-one platform for vehicle data analytics .

Get the most out of your vehicle or fleet. AutoPi provides the tools you need to extract and visualize the data that matters most to you or your business.

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Drive growth with AutoPi fleet and device management. Connect and operate your vehicle, fleet and business on a new level.
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Venture into AutoPi’s global project cases. We’re taking high-performance solutions and real-time insights to new heights – anywhere on the planet.

Vehicle Data Capture

AutoPi TMU - built on Raspberry Pi

The AutoPi TMU delivers a flexible and customizable approach to vehicle telematics. Its extensive compatibility with CAN, J1939, DoIP and UDS captures a broad spectrum of vehicle data across diverse types of vehicles, driving innovation and efficiency in your operations. A native edge-computer, designed to run high computation tasks.

Learn about AutoPi TMU CM4

AutoPi TMU CM4
Fleet & Device Digitalization

One Platform, Endless Opportunities: AutoPi Cloud

Discover a world of possibilities with AutoPi Cloud. Beyond a simple data platform, our solution provides you with tools to connect assets, capture and analyze data, and transform this data into actionable insights. Elevate your fleet’s performance and profitability to unprecedented levels.

Learn about AutoPi Cloud

AutoPi Cloud
Customized Solutions

Experience Unmatched Fleet Efficiency with AutoPi

Our IoT platform blends adaptable hardware and scalable software into a seamless solution that brings unparalleled efficiency to your operations. Choose AutoPi and lead the path to a sustainable and efficient future.


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Frequently asked questions

AutoPi is an industry-leading provider of IoT infrastructure, offering specialized telematics devices and a cloud-based management platform for businesses with fleets.

Our range of telematics devices includes the AutoPi Mini — a plug-and-play solution designed for quick and straightforward implementation. For businesses with more specific needs, we offer the AutoPi CM4, which is fully customizable to meet your requirements.

Compare Our Devices: For a detailed comparison between our AutoPi Mini and AutoPi CM4 devices, click here to view our device comparison table.

These devices are best utilized with our AutoPi Cloud platform, designed to provide real-time data and analytics for effective fleet management.

AutoPi stands out from other telematics solutions because it’s designed with a clear focus on making your fleet smarter and more efficient. Here’s how:

  • Fleet Management: AutoPi gives you real-time insights into your vehicles. Track their locations, monitor driver behavior, and optimize routes to save time and fuel.

  • Data Management: All the data from your fleet is collected and organized in one place. This makes it easy to analyze and use for making better business decisions.

  • Vehicle Telematics: AutoPi doesn’t just track your vehicles; it communicates with them. Get detailed reports on vehicle health, predict maintenance needs, and avoid breakdowns before they happen.

  • Fleet Sustainability: AutoPi helps you reduce your fleet's carbon footprint. By monitoring fuel usage and driving habits, you can implement greener practices that are good for the environment and your bottom line.

In short, AutoPi simplifies customized management of your fleet, giving you the tools to be efficient, smart, and sustainable.

AutoPi has been a trusted name in the IoT and telematics landscape since 2017. Over the years, we've introduced a handful of legacy devices and currently offer the CE and FCC-certified AutoPi Mini and AutoPi CM4.

Interested in knowing more about our journey? Visit our About Us page for a deeper look into our history and values.

AutoPi's solutions are designed to be versatile and industry-compliant, support a wide range of protocols such as CAN Bus, J1939, CANopen, and DoIP.

This makes our telematics devices and management platform ideal for businesses in diverse sectors including OEM integration, heavy machinery, car leasing, supply chain, and more.

AutoPi offers versatile solutions for managing and extracting your fleet data. Here's how we streamline this process for you:

  1. Default to AutoPi Cloud: All logged data initially goes to the AutoPi Cloud platform, enabling features like Fleet overview and Geofencing.

  2. Multiple Extraction Methods: You can pull your data via API or Automatic Exporting to your servers.

  3. Dedicated Local Environment: We offer the option for a localized setup to reduce latency and keep data within your borders.

  4. Direct to Your Severs: Have complete control by sending data directly to your own infrastructure, by passing AutoPi servers.

  5. Interval Control: Customize the frequency of data logging at intervals such as every 5s, 60s, or 10m.

Yes, the AutoPi device is designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of vehicles. As long as your vehicles has an OBD2 port, integration with our telematics devices is possible, whether it's an electric vehicle or an internal combustion engine vehicle.

Absolutely. When you choose AutoPi, you're not just getting a device; you're gaining a team of experts committed to your project's success. Our AutoPi TMU device and Cloud platform are customizable to fit your unique requirements.

Take advantage of our team's expertise for tasks like integration to assets, sensors, or existing software solutions, as well as configuration new or existing functionalities and data formatting.

With our support you can increase your project's capacity and accelerate its time-to-market.

After exploring our website, you can reach out to us directly for more information or to set up a meeting.

Our pricing structure is tailored to the diverse needs of our clients, whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise. The cost of your IoT infrastructure solution with AutoPi can vary based on a number of factors including:

  1. Type of Device: Whether you opt for the plug-and-play AutoPi Mini or the customizable AutoPi CM4.

  2. Scale of Deployment: The number of devices you need for your fleet impacts the overall cost.

  3. Additional Services: Customization, development support, and premium features are available at an added cost.

  4. Subscription Plans: Our cloud management platform may come with different subscription tiers to best suit your data requirements and business goals.

To get a personalized quote tailored to your requirements, please Contact Us to know more.

We ship our products globally, making sure that businesses worldwide can benefit from our IoT & telematics solutions.

  • In most instances, the products are shipped within 2-3 days. Rest assured, unless we tell you otherwise, all our products are in stock and ready to go.

  • To keep you in the loop, we'll send you a tracking link as soon as your order is dispatched. This way, you can keep an eye on your shipment and plan your operations accordingly.

Got more questions about shipping or your order status? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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