Bring intelligence to your car

This is the device that lets you setup and program your intelligent car.
The AutoPi dongle and the AutoPi Cloud combines to an IoT Platform which lets you add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

AutoPi Dongle

With built-in Internet access through a 4G/3G connection plus Bluetooth and WiFi, depending on your model.

An embedded Raspberry Pi enables the AutoPi dongle to do almost anything.

Real-time tracking of vehicle position, speed and altitude. Includes A-GPS which significantly improves performance.

Advanced OBD-II chip that supports communication to all OBD-II compliant vehicles.

Embedded 3-axis accelerometer for measurement of all horizontal and vertical G-forces applied to the car.

Playback of voice notifications based on data from GPS, accelerometer, car diagnostics or devices attached externally.

Connect peripherals using any of the two provided USB 2.0 ports, HDMI or GPIO Pins.

AutoPi Cloud


Make data visualization and asset tracking through widgets on your dashboard, individually configured.


Trigger external system connected through the AutoPi dongle or trigger external web systems.

SMS/Email alerts

Get alerts through your triggers. Available through platforms like SMS, Email, Socialmedias or push messages.

Remote monitoring

The system is always on, even when you are not near. Use it for parental monitoring or to monitor driving behaviour.

Add-ons from community library

Extend your AutoPi dongle by connecting external hardware and install drivers, widgets and jobs with a click.

Communicates with your car

View health, performance and driving behaviour with the direct integration to your car, through the OBD port.

Historical Trips

Go back in history and review performance data per trip.

Watch our quick introduction video

How does the AutoPi work?

Get a quick 1 minute introduction to the AutoPi, and how you can use it.

These are a few of the possibilities

The system keeps expanding, this is just some of the things it could be used for.

Remote Start

Automatically start your car when you are within a proximity of 100 meters.

Radio Control

Control radio volume from noise level and concentrate on driving.

Heat monitoring

Save your pets with temperature control, even when you are not there.


Get remote alerts, when your car is moving and the seatbelt is not used. Features Overview
Eco Driving

Create a system which assists you in achieving the optimal driving behavior.

Auto Radio Off

Automatically control the radio volume when you turn down the window.

Auto (Un)lock

Build a system that automatically locks your car, based on your proximity to the car.

Braking Alert

The AutoPi can help you avoid multiple collisions with the Emergency Brake Alert System.

Connect your

Any external device can be connected to your AutoPi dongle

Secure and resilient

Built on proven technology to ensure secure and efficient communication using RSA and AES encryption.
Our infrastructure is based on SaltStack which is running on all AutoPi dongles.

News and recent blog posts

We blog about our adventures in creating the AutoPi.
Check out the blog for our latest musings.

Built with killer technologies - AutoPi is built on Angular

Angular - AutoPi is built on Bower

Bower - AutoPi is built on Python

Python - AutoPi is built on SaltStack

SaltStack - AutoPi is built on Google Assistant

Google Assistant - AutoPi is built on ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ - AutoPi is built on OBD Solutions

OBD Solutions - AutoPi is built on AWS

AWS - AutoPi is built on Vagrant

Vagrant - AutoPi is built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap - AutoPi is built on Django

Django - AutoPi is built on ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch - AutoPi is built on Gulp

Gulp - AutoPi is built on PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - AutoPi is built on Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi - AutoPi is built on Redis


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