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Heavy Equipment Management

Optimize Operations with Advanced Equipment Management

Cutting-edge heavy equipment management for peak performance, safety, & uptime in construction, agriculture, & remote work areas.

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Security Development

Equipment Performance Monitoring

Keep track of your machinery's performance in real-time no matter the location, allowing for preventative maintenance and maximized uptime.

Tailored Solutions

Operational Efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency by identifying and rectifying bottlenecks in your equipment usage.

Expert Support

Safety and Compliance

Ensure your equipment's safety standards are met and maintained, mitigating potential risks and meeting industry compliance requirements.

Defence Strategy

J1939 Standard Compliance

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our solutions are compliant with the J1939 standard, ensuring interoperability and reliability in heavy equipment management.

Real-time Monitoring

Achieve Superior Performance with Real-time Monitoring

Seamlessly adapt to the changing work landscape with remote working capabilities that enable you to take control of your operations from anywhere. Our solution empowers you with real-time monitoring, enabling you to proactively address maintenance needs and minimize downtime. Experience the assurance of having your equipment consistently performing at its peak performance, even when managing your operations remotely.

Heavy Machine in Construction
Agricultural machinery farming
SAE J1939

Enhance Safety and Compliance with J1939 Standard

Maintain high safety standards and industry compliance with our J1939 compliant solution. Mitigate potential risks and ensure the interoperability and reliability of your heavy equipment, enhancing the safety and productivity of your operations.

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Frequently asked questions

Heavy equipment management involves overseeing the operation, maintenance, and safety of construction and agricultural machinery, typically through the use of IoT devices and software.

Real-time monitoring allows for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring machinery is always performing at its best. It also enhances safety by enabling immediate response to potential issues.

The J1939 standard is a set of protocols used for communication among components in heavy duty vehicles and machinery. Compliance with this standard ensures interoperability and reliability of monitoring and management systems.

Heavy equipment management systems can monitor for safety issues in real-time, alerting operators to potential problems and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Heavy equipment management systems can increase operational efficiency, enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall productivity in construction and agriculture.
Business solutions

Solutions for Heavy Equipment Management

All of our business solutions are customizable to meet your requirements.

Big Data
business analytics data mining

Big Data

Big Data

Next Generation Data Volume

AutoPi Big Data solution provides companies with high-frequency and quality data to flow properly. AutoPi can log, store and support the data in real ...

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IoT Gateway
iot gateway pipeline

IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway

All-in-one Access Point

IoT Gateway Solution is a one-point gateway that enables you to have control of your data flow from your existing software for secure and precise resu ...

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Docker Integration
containers services

Docker Integration

Docker Integration

Application Management

AutoPi Docker Integration Solution gives you the possibility to run your software in an isolated environment and become independent of network connect ...

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Keyless Solution
car-sharing remote-control

Keyless Solution

Keyless Solution

Digital Key Solution

A scalable, digital keyless solution allows drivers to remotely and securely access any vehicle, while fleet operators can remotely manage their fleet ...

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Asset Tracking
virtural borders geofence

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Complete Fleet Visibility

By using real-time BLE asset tracking of managing technical and construction equipment, you can eliminate the danger of delays and loss of precious as ...

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