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AutoPi for Individuals

Use your AutoPi to monitor the performance of your vehicle

Track and monitor the performance of your vehicle or truck by using the combination of our AutoPi Cloud platform and our AutoPi devices.

Global vehicle compability

Get access to a long range of OEM data parameters

The AutoPi devices support a wide range of OEM data parameters out of the box. Check your compability here:

Type Make Model Start Year Stop Year Milage Battery Charge Level Range Battery SoH Battery Temperature EV Ignition Status Fuel Level VIN RPM Vehicle Speed Distance until service Fault Codes

Most vehicles also support the following parameters:

Engine temperature / DTC / Engine load value / Coolant temperature / Short and long term fuel trim bank / Fuel pressure / Intake MAP / Timing advance / Intake air temperature / MAF throttle position / Run time since engine start / Fuel rail pressure relative / Fuel rail pressure direct / Commanded EGR / EGR error / Fuel level / Distance traveled codes cleared / Barometric pressure / Control module voltage / Absolute load value / OBD Ambient air temperature / Time since codes cleared / Absolute fuel rail pressure / Hybrid battery pack remaining life / Engine oil temperature / Fuel injector timing / Fuel rate / DTC value / Distance and time traveled since Malfunction Indicator Lamp ON

Our AutoPi Mini

Built for fast setup
and ease of use

Our hardware is built to be a one-box-solution, centralizing data from your vehicle. It comes with built-in connectivity solution for fast setup.

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The AutoPi Mini device
Track and view your data

Detailed information about your vehicle

Gain insight in to the performance of your vehicle

Optimal Vehicle Performance with Real-Time Monitoring

Analyze performance your vehicle in real-time. Monitor vehicle alerts and EV battery health during trips.

Setup dashboards and vehicle insights to match your exact use case and get the most out of your vehicle.

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Real-time monitoring of your vehicle

Automatically record and report on trips

Easily track and analyze the performance of your vehicles during trips, including critical events such as harsh braking, accelerations, standstill, etc. Export driver logbook for fast tax report filings, with a list of personal and business trips.

Furthermore, the AutoPi device collects a range of data during each trip, including vehicle location, engine performance, and fuel consumption, providing a full view of your trip.

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Example of how AutoPi Cloud looks like

Built for fast setup

The AutoPi Mini is new and improved in several areas, such as smaller form factor, included SIM solution, sturdier design and casing. Furthermore, the mini has improved support of a wide number of OEM codes out of the box.

The AutoPi Mini comes in three variants. One for EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa), one for NA (North America) and one for APAC/LATAM (Asia, Pacific, Latin America).

Easily add vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, EV battery state of charge and trips history to your vehicle.

Effortless plug & play installation

Small form factor to allow hidden installations

Comes with build-in SIM card for instant install

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Size perspective of the AutoPi device
Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it for a beginner to start using AutoPi for vehicle monitoring?

Getting started with AutoPi is straightforward. Our comprehensive documentation guides you through the setup process, making it accessible even if you're new to vehicle telematics and DIY projects.

Is there a community I can turn to for help and ideas?

Yes, we have a Developer Community where you can find support, share ideas, and learn from other AutoPi users. It's a great resource for both beginners and experienced users.

Can AutoPi help me monitor the health of my vehicle?

Definitely! AutoPi is an excellent tool for monitoring your vehicle's health, providing real-time diagnostics, alerting you to potential issues, and helping you keep your vehicle in top condition.

How can AutoPi assist in improving my vehicle's performance?

AutoPi provides detailed performance data, which can be used to fine-tune various aspects of your vehicle, from fuel efficiency to engine performance, helping you achieve optimal vehicle operation.

I love DIY projects. How customizable is AutoPi for personal projects?

AutoPi is highly customization, due to the Raspberry Pi, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts. You can add sensors, create custom dashoard, and develop unique solutions tailored to your specific interest and needs. Check it out. Disclaimer: You will need some level of coding skills.

How can i access and manage my vehicle data using AutoPi Cloud?

AutoPi Cloud offers an easy and intuitive interface for accessing, managing, and analyzing your vehicle data. You can monitor real-time data, review historical information, and customize your dashboard. Try AutoPi Cloud for free!

Where can I purchase AutoPi and what are the pricing options?

You can purchase AutoPi directly from our online Shop. We offer various models and pricing options to suit different needs and budgets, ensuring there's a solution for every personal user.

How do I choose the right AutoPi model for my needs?

Check out our Comparison feature on the website. It helps you understand the differences between various AutoPi models and choose the one that best fits your specific requirements.

Will AutoPi work with my specific make and model of vehicle?

AutoPi is designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models. You can verify compatibility for your specific vehicle on our website or by reaching out to our support team.


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