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View Your Fleet Like Never Before

Get the full picture of your fleet—where they are, how they're doing, and if they're at their best. Our geofencing tool makes it easy to keep an eye on everything, in real time. It's all about making your day simpler and your decisions smarter.

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Feature Highlights

Driving Your Fleet to
New Heights

Geofencing redefines your fleet's potential. Simplify management and gain the clarity to navigate the future confidently. Embrace smarter, decisive fleet management.


Alerts That Keep You Ahead

Stay ahead with instant alerts when vehicles cross boundaries. Managing your fleet is as simple as checking your phone—effortless and reassuring.

Set up invisible boundaries for your fleet and get notified instantly—anytime, anywhere. It’s as simple as drawing on a map. Whether it’s one vehicle or the whole squad, you’ll know the second they step out of line. Keeping tabs on your fleet has never been easier.

Let your fleet’s movement trigger the right actions with zero fuss. Our system watches over your vehicles, making smart decisions on the fly. From securing your assets to optimizing routes, you’re always in the loop, and so is your fleet. It’s not just tracking; it’s fleet intelligence in action.

Drawing boundaries for your fleet just got a lot more interesting. With a few clicks, set up zones that keep your vehicles within reach but out of trouble. Want to customize? Assign different areas to different assets as you see fit. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of your operation, making every decision smarter.

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Know Every Move


Draw. Define. Dominate


Location-based Automation


Activity, Distance, Time Logged

Feature Details

Elevate Your Fleet with Geofencing

Geofencing brings precision to your fleet management. Track, alert, and optimize with ease, making every journey count towards your bottom line.

Stay Ahead with Instant Alerts

Get a heads-up the moment your vehicle crosses a boundary. It’s like having a guardian angel for your fleet, making sure everything’s ticking along as it should, without any surprises.

Alerts & Notifications

Track Your Fleet with Pinpoint Accuracy

Imagine having eyes on your fleet 24/7. Geofencing lets you do just that, offering real-time updates on every move. It’s all about keeping things running smoothly and everyone exactly where they need to be.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Drive Down Fuel Costs

Cut down on those fuel bills with smart route planning. Geofencing helps you avoid unnecessary detours and idle time, making every drop of fuel count towards getting the job done efficiently.

Fuel Management

Get the Full Picture on Your Fleet

Dive into the nitty-gritty of your fleet’s comings and goings. With geofencing, you get the full picture, helping you stay on top of maintenance and making sure everything’s running just right.

Fleet Management

Encourage Safer Driving

Keep your drivers safe and sound by keeping an eye on how they’re doing out there. Geofencing helps you encourage better driving habits, making the roads safer for everyone.

Use Your Assets Wisely

Make sure every vehicle and piece of equipment is pulling its weight. Geofencing shines a light on how well you’re using what you’ve got, helping you squeeze the most out of your resources.

Fleet Maintenance

Core Feature

Begin Your Journey to Smarter Fleets

With AutoPi, stepping into intelligence fleet management is simple. Discover how insights and ease come together.

Ease Your Day-to-Day

Let geofencing take the load off. It automates so much, from tracking to compliance, making your job simpler.

Compliance Made Automatic

Geofencing keeps you in line without the hassle. It’s like having a built-in rule checker for your fleet.

Get the insights That Matter

Discover the power of data with geofencing. It tells you everything, from where your vehicles are to how they’re doing.

AutoPi Cloud

Real-World Use, Real-World Benefits

Our demo gives you a clear view of geofencing in everyday fleet management, showing you how easy and effective it can be.

Explore What Geofencing Can Do

Play around with geofencing features in our demo. It’s hands-on, showing you all the ways it can help your fleet.

See the Difference It Makes

Watch how geofencing changes the game. From cutting down work to improving safety, the benefits are clear and immediate.

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Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

Geofencing is a technology that creates a virtual boundary around a physical location. Using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, or cellular data, it triggers a response when a mobile device or asset enters or exits the defined area. In fleet management, geofencing helps monitor and manage vehicle movements, enhancing security, efficiency, and compliance.
Read our detailed guide on Geofencing.

Geofencing supports fleet management across various industries by restricting unauthorized movement and optimizing processes. It's crucial for:
  • Construction: Preventing equipment theft with alerts for unexpected asset movements.
  • Energy & Oil: Monitoring field crew movements in remote locations.
  • Trucking: Reducing detention times with loading dock arrival alerts.
  • Delivery: Notifying customers about last-mile delivery statuses.
  • Rental Services: Tracking vehicles across state lines or international borders.
  • Business Fleets: Ensuring vehicles stay within assigned zones and alerting on departures.

Setting up a geofence for your fleet with AutoPi Cloud is straightforward:
  1. Choose AutoPi Cloud: AutoPi Cloud offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive geofencing capabilities. It's designed for seamless use on both iOS and Android devices by drivers and fleet managers.
  2. Create Your Geofence: Start by finding your location on AutoPi Cloud’s digital map. Then, draw the boundaries of your virtual perimeter. With AutoPi, you can easily include specific groups, drivers, vehicles, and assets within your geofence.
  3. Configure Notifications: Set up customized notification alerts based on your fleet's activities. AutoPi Cloud allows for versatile if-then alerts, such as “if a vehicle exits the geofenced area, notify the fleet manager immediately.” Tailor notifications to specific times and choose whether they are delivered via text, email, or both.

For a step-by-step guide on creating geofences and setting up notifications in AutoPi Cloud, visit our detailed geofencing guide.

Yes, geofencing can significantly enhance fleet safety by monitoring vehicle speeds within designated areas, ensuring drivers adhere to safety protocols, and preventing unauthorized use of vehicles, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and theft.

Geofencing relies on GPS data, which can be collected even when devices are offline. However, for the geofence alerts and actions to be processed and communicated, a connection is required to transmit the data to the fleet management software.

The accuracy of geofencing depends on the method used for location tracking. GPS-based geofencing is typically accurate within a few meters, while Wi-Fi and RFID can offer more precise location tracking, especially in densely populated areas or indoors.


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