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Fleet Maintenance

Keep Your Fleet Moving Forward

Say goodbye to maintenance headaches with our advanced Fleet Maintenance platform. Built for ease and efficiency, it’s your go-to for ensuring every vehicle operates at its best, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

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Feature Highlights

Boost Your Fleet, Boost
Your Business

With our platform, fleet maintenance becomes proactive, not reactive. Easy tracking, quick diagnostics, and plans that fit your needs mean your fleet’s always ready to go, performing at its best.


Simplify Your Fleet Maintenance

Effortlessly manage your fleet. Track, diagnose, and customize maintenance easily, optimizing efficiency and cutting costs.

Keep your fleet in top shape effortlessly. Our platform is super easy to use, helping you track all your vehicle maintenance—including heavy-duty and electric vehicles -needs in one place. From scheduling repairs to doing inspections, manage everything smoothly and keep your vehicles running perfectly.

Catch issues as soon as they pop up with our instant diagnostics. Get alerts right away, so you can fix problems fast and keep your vehicles on the road, reducing downtime and keeping things efficient.

Every fleet is different, and that’s why you can tailor our maintenance plans to fit your needs perfectly. Choose how often to service your vehicles and what checks to do, making sure they're always running at their best, without any extra hassle.

Save money the smart way. Look into your maintenance and fuel data to uncover where you can cut costs without sacrificing quality. It’s about making wise choices to keep your fleet cost-effective and running smoothly.

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Alerts Made Easy


Track Every Detail


Instant Issue Detection


Health at Glance

Feature Details

Simplify Your Fleet’s Health

Centralize fleet maintenance across your entire fleet. Get straight to solving with engine checks and maintenance alerts for smooth operations.

Schedule Services Automatically

Imagine getting maintenance alerts the moment your vehicles need them, based on where they are. That’s what our tool does, making sure your vehicles get serviced right on time, without any guesswork.


Unlock Access, Hassle-Free

Ever needed quick access to a vehicle for an unexpected repair? Our system opens doors for you—literally. No keys, no fuss, just easy access to keep maintenance flowing smoothly.

Keyless Entry

Know Before You Need To

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a heads-up before something goes wrong? Our notifications do just that, telling you when it’s time for a check-up or if something’s amiss, keeping your fleet running like clockwork.

Update Without the Wait

Your vehicles’ software needs to stay up to date, but downtime isn’t an option. Our updates roll out without interrupting your fleet's schedule, ensuring they’re always ready to go with the latest features.

OTA Updates

Insights That Matter

Get the lowdown on what your fleet’s data is really saying. We cut through the clutter to give you actionable insights, helping you plan better maintenance and save on costs.

Simplify Engine Health Checks

With real-time engine diagnostics, instantly spot issues via DTC alerts. Manage maintenance effortlessly, ensuring your fleet stays in top gear.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Core Feature

Prevent Vehicle Downtime

Take up a proactive fleet maintenance with AutoPi.

Instant Setup

Just plug it in, and you're set. No fuss, no wait—start monitoring your fleet's performance right away.

Engine Health at a Glance

Spot issues before they escalate with easy checks on engine temperature and oil. Understand your vehicle's health through clear diagnostics, including trouble codes and engine load, to keep downtime to a minimum.

Enhance Fleet Efficiency

Gain insights on how long your engines run and how quickly issues are resolved. Perfect for keeping electric vehicles (EVs) and those with conventional engines running smoothly, ensuring your fleet is efficient and reliable.

AutoPi Mini
AutoPi Mini Zoomed in

Connect with Ease

Our Open API is like a universal adapter for your fleet’s data. Plug in any app or tool you need and watch everything click into place. Simple as that.

Know It As It Happens

Imagine having eyes on your entire fleet, all the time. That’s real-time monitoring for you. One platform shows you everything, so you’re always up to speed.

Your Data, Your Way

Dive into the data that matters to you. Whether it’s IoT buzz, the nuts and bolts of CAN data, or tapping into our OBD library, you control the flow. It’s custom insights made easy.

AutoPi Cloud
AutoPi Cloud Dashboard

Custom Maintenance Software

Customize your fleet’s maintenance software to suit your exact needs. Tailor every alert, diagnostic, and report to keep your vehicles running smoothly, reducing downtime and costs.

Advanced Vehicle Interface

With the CAN Automotive Interface and 24V support, especially for trucks, seamlessly integrate advanced diagnostics and keyless entry. Secure Element ensures data safety, enhancing trust in your maintenance protocols.

Future-Proof Your Fleet

Leverage GPIO extendibility and DoIP for next-level maintenance possibilities. Expand and adapt your fleet’s capabilities, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest in vehicle health monitoring and maintenance technology.

AutoPi TMU CM4
AutoPi TMU CM4 Zoomed in
Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

Fleet maintenance involves regular check-ups and repairs to ensure vehicles are safe, efficient, and reliable. It's about keeping your fleet in top condition through proactive servicing, helping avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

Preventive maintenance is your fleet's routine fitness regime. With AutoPi, you can keep tabs on when it's time for a check-up, making sure each vehicle is always ready to perform, reducing the risk of breakdowns and saving you money on emergency fixes.

While preventive maintenance is like a regular calendar reminder, predictive maintenance tells you exactly when your vehicles need attention, based on the real condition of each vehicle. AutoPi helps by pulling out the crucial data you need to decide when to service your vehicles, so you’re fixing things at just the right time.

A solid program means regular check-ups, following the vehicle manufacturer's advice, and using tech like AutoPi to keep a close eye on vehicle health. It's about making sure you've got all the information at your fingertips to maintain your fleet effectively.

Yes, indeed. Keeping your fleet in top condition with AutoPi means engines run more efficiently, tires are just right, and everything's streamlined for the best fuel economy. It’s smart maintenance that pays off at the pump.

Start with AutoPi to gather the essential data from your vehicles, from engine performance to how long it’s been since the last check-up. Then, use this goldmine of information to pinpoint the perfect maintenance moments, keeping your fleet in prime condition.

Technology, especially tools like AutoPi, is a game-changer. It’s about having the power to monitor your fleet in real-time, ensuring you’re always ahead of maintenance needs. AutoPi makes pulling critical data easy, setting the stage for you to analyze and act, keeping your fleet running without a hitch.


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