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Keyless Solution

Make your fleet more accessible, while streamlining management and get leaner operations with a secure, keyless entry solution for any vehicles with a key fob, no matter the make, model, or year.

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AutoPi Keyless Solution

What do you get with our keyless solution

An advanced digital keyless entry solution giving operators a secure way to administrate and control their fleets remotely. Have your drivers effortlessly gain authentication and digital access to your vehicles through your own software, with our easy-to-use API.

How Does It Work?

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The keyless entry solution is based on the key fob, where we utilize its preconfigured functionalities. By connecting the key fob to the AutoPi, you get access and control of this functionality, such as lock/unlock, through your app, by our API.

Customize your interface to the AutoPi Keyless solution, to either activate through API, Bluetooth, RFID, etc.

Benefits of AutoPi Keyless Solution

We offer secure vehicle access fully remotely and improved driver experience with a few simple steps.

Manage and authenticate drivers

The keyless setup enables secure and convenient usage of a system.

Lock/unlock remotely

Your fleet drivers are able to lock/unlock their vehicles remotely without a hustle of physical keys.

Completely digital administration

Completely digital administration facilitates the process and prevention of losing physical paper documents.

No wire-cutting required

Easy installion of the solution without cutting any wires in your vehicles and thereby avoid breaking warranty.

Remove the hassle of physical keyes

Some of the common industries the solution is used in are car sharing, leasing and rentals, vehicle dealerships, shift management, and more.

Our Keyless Solution can be implemented in many industries, such as:
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