Visualize all your data in the custom Dashboard in the AutoPi Cloud

Configure dashboard with custom widget display your data exactly like you want.

Fully customizable dashboard

Set up your dashboard exactly like you want

The AutoPi dashboard is based on widgets, each visualizing information related to your car. The data shown in each widget can come directly from your car's internal computer or from external devices connected to the AutoPi dongle. The dashboard is fully customizable; widgets can be added, moved, resized and removed again. In live mode the dashboard shows data streaming directly from your car. In paused mode you can review previous data.

Find new widgets

Browse to find widgets in the widget library

The library contains a lot of widget types that can visualize data on your dashboard in different ways. Any additional software required on your AutoPi dongle to retrieve data for new widgets are automatically downloaded and installed. All you need to decide is what you want to show.

View historic trips

Previous trips are available in the Trips overview.

All your trips can be stored in the cloud and you can always go back and review them. A specific trip can be loaded into your dashboard and the data can be viewed with your chosen widgets.

Code background
Watch a demonstration

How does all this work?

Get a detailed walkthrough of how to use the dashboard. Including live and paused mode, adding widgets, reviewing historic trips and finally browsing the add-ons library to find new features.


Built with killer technologies - AutoPi is built on Angular

Angular - AutoPi is built on Bower

Bower - AutoPi is built on Python

Python - AutoPi is built on SaltStack

SaltStack - AutoPi is built on Google Assistant

Google Assistant - AutoPi is built on ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ - AutoPi is built on OBD Solutions

OBD Solutions - AutoPi is built on AWS

AWS - AutoPi is built on Vagrant

Vagrant - AutoPi is built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap - AutoPi is built on Django

Django - AutoPi is built on ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch - AutoPi is built on Gulp

Gulp - AutoPi is built on PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL - AutoPi is built on Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi - AutoPi is built on Redis


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