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Theft Detection

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The AutoPi TMU device can detect and warn the intruder in the case of theft. Get immediate notifications and watch real-time location!

Disclaimer: this feature is not present on our out-of-the box devices. You can implement these features yourself or with our help.

Car security system

The AutoPi TMU is always online, meaning it can monitor movement and start of your car. You can even set up the device to notify you if any activity occurs. Additionally, you can monitor your vehicles position online in real-time, and then being able to guide authorities to the exact location of your vehicle if stolen.

You can set up the device to notify you, every time the car has started and/or when it starts moving. Which can all be done within the AutoPi cloud management platform.

You can setup your AutoPi to sound audible alarms inside your car, to warn off intruders. All of this is done directly from your online dashboard, with triggers.

Frighten off the thiefs

One of the benefits is to frighten off the thiefs, if they try to do anything fun with your vehicle. You can setup your AutoPi TMU to sound audible alarms inside your car, to warn off intruders. All of this is done directly from your online AutoPi Dashboard with triggers.

This could be: On ignition on and bluetooth device “my phone” not connected, read this text “Unauthorized vehicle access. The authorities has been alerted.”

Real-time GPS location

There are lots of benefits when it comes to theft detection optimization. The main benefit is that you are one step ahead of the thief. With a feature of monitoring your vehicle in real-time, you'll know exactly where the thief and your cars location.

How you can achieve this:


One built in functionality of the AutoPi IoT Platform is a “if-this-then-that” system, where you can trigger and react on everything. You can simply go into the trigger setup and configure all your security precautions.

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