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Connect Racing Equipment

Get inspired

Increase your driving experience with the AutoPi TMU device and connect your racing equipment with your very own heads-up-display (HUD).

Disclaimer: this feature is not present on our out-of-the box devices. You can implement these features yourself or with our help.

Personal dashboard

To make your racing experience better, you can build your own heads-up-display (HUD), which is very convenient and you can use your AutoPi dashboard through the HUD.

Advance your performance

It’s easy to connect a variable exhaust valve or an electronic boost controller to your AutoPi device. Just plug the controller into your device and control it directly from your AutoPi Cloud Management platform.

You can even program your device to enable during special situations, e.g., it can be set up to auto enable when RPM or speed exceed certain limits.

How you can achieve this:


This feature is more technical and therefore, require additional help to attain this. However, if you wish to install this feature, please contact our support.


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