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Video Camera Evidence Recording

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An easy way to not getting accused of something you didn’t do, that is to have a video camera evidence recordings in your car. Learn more.

Disclaimer: this feature is not present on our out-of-the box devices. You can implement these features yourself or with our help.

Advanced dash cams assistance

Some of the most advanced dash cams offer driver assistance, emergency systems, safety distance and more.

The dash camera can alert you of your driving, if you e.g., are swinging more than usual. Worst cast scenario, it will call the emergency services and provide them with your current GPS location in case of an accident.

Additionally, it can trigger a warning message, if the vehicle behind you drives without a correct safety distance. This will help your awareness of dangerous situations in traffic.

Physical evidence

When you start your car engine, the dash cam will automatically start recording. Video recordings from your vehicle can be used as direct evidence in legal procedures. Which makes it extremely helpful if you are a part of a road accident.

Video recordings can actually be a crucial factor and win your legal trial, if you ever get to one.

Record every moments

Don’t miss any memorable moments again.

Video recordings of your driving can also help to catch something you might want to view again or something you missed. It can be anything from very simple and beautiful at the same time, such as a sunrise or sunset, or an amazing landscape.

You can also rewind your recording if something has happened on the road, and you missed it or if you want to confirm something you have seen.

How you can achieve this:


Are you wondering how to do it?

Simply attach an external camera into AutoPi TMU device and mount the camera in your vehicle. Remember to mount the camera properly.

We have also prepared an article on how to install a dash cam to your vehicle. We highly recommend taking a look at that article, as you will find all the information you need, in order to complete installing a dash cam to your vehicle.

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