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Ideal Car Solutions: Customize Your Projects

Updated at 21 Mar, 2021

— Ideal car solutions for 2021 are modern upgrades of vehicles, such as Asset Tracking, Keyless Entry, Voice Recognition and more.

Ideal Car Solutions: Customize Your Projects

Generally speaking, ideal car solutions are advanced solutions that will make your vehicles more effective in some way or another. The most ideal car solutions are Asset Tracking, Keyless Entry.

As governments are campaigning to reduce traffic congestion and emissions in urban areas, car sharing business are blooming and forcing the traditional car rental industry into digital transformation.

Ideal car solutions are booming at the moment and we will tell you more about them.

Currently, car rental administrations include handing over keys and contracts, which are depending on manual work, thus incorporating waiting lines for hours and limiting consumers’ position to the collection points in cities and airports, while leaving people in remote areas to seek alternative ways for their ride.

It is no longer about car leasing but providing mobility services that allow consumers flexibility in the use of their time and destination.

That's exactly what ideal car solutions are about. To solve daily problems by coming up with ideal car solutions that will benefit both parties.

Ideal Car Solution Meaning

Ideal car solution is a modern way to unlock/lock the vehicle remotely and without any physical keys. It is very beneficial in the automotive car sharing industry, specifically for fleet management as the companies usually operate with multiple cars.

It can increase their efficiency and improve their ability to deliver the service much faster.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions enable everyday objects to be connected and controlled through the internet, which makes these connected devices able to talk to each other, gather data and create actions.

The implementation of IoT solutions in the car rental industry can help car owners to improve their operation services and enhance the personalized traveling experience of their clients.

What is AutoPi and how is it connected to Smart Renting of Vehicles?

AutoPi is specializing in IoT hardware devices and extendable software cloud solutions to securely connect vehicles to the internet and gain data on automotive usage, thereby helping car owners and businesses improve remote access and control over their vehicle’s functionality.

AutoPi delivers innovative connecter car technology to help businesses in the digital transformation and create a more flexible mobility service for their customers.

A parking lot with a woman crossing through the middle and cars parked on the sides

AutoPi solutions include GPS with A-GPS support, which allows real-time tracking of the vehicle’s position.

This automatically registered position can be shared by the car rental agencies through a website or an application alongside basic car information and available timings that can help customers to pinpoint the vehicles closest to their location.

It will also allow customers to skip returning arrangements while other consumers can make use of the vehicle again right after it was parked or car rental companies can offer car pick-up arrangements.

The automation of the entire procedure will help both car owners and clients to decrease the time and effort of the rental process.

Customer service

Presently, consumers will not be required to hold a physical key to open the rental vehicle, this could be done through the internet which simplifies the operational process and enriches a better customer user experience. This is called Keyless Entry.

An illustration of how the unlocking/locking of a car works with AutoPi as digital car key solution

From a Smartphone or a 3rd party app, the user could gain access to the car, through a booking/payment system, which also allows the user to unlock the car after secure payment has been provided.

The App would contact AutoPi Cloud Management, which would send the needed commands to the AutoPi TMU device to unlock the car.

Simple Vehicle Maintenance

Car rental companies, with hundreds of vehicles, understand the importance of maintaining the right vehicle at the right time and can save huge amounts of money for a business annually.

AutoPi solution offers real-time vehicle diagnostics which sends automated signals and early warning alerts when there is a need for maintenance.

Along with this, AutoPi can measure fuel indication, tire pressure, oil level, or battery charging level, also in electric vehicles to assure operators an easy tracking of vehicle functionality and effective vehicle management.

A gif of AutoPi dashboard

With the implementation of AutoPi IoT features, car rental companies will be able to decrease operational costs and improve order procedures by delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions, also known as IoT platforms.

It will result in what only a few years ago was unimaginable: making rental cars available to every common man with a minimum cost to provide valuable use of time for both consumers and car rental companies.

Are you ready to provide the future of customer experience in your service? Get in touch with us, and we would love to discuss it more with you. - Tohnny Van Do

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