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Easy Eco Driving Feature

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Do you need assistance with your driving behavior and therefore, save gas money? AutoPi can assist and talk to you, in order to adjust your driving behavior.

Disclaimer: this feature is not present on our out-of-the box devices. You can implement these features yourself or with our help.

Drive more greener

Eco driving refers to ecological and safe driving. Driving ecologically can reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, maintenance costs and possible accidents.

Nowadays, it has become a common thing to have the ECO driving mode in vehicles. Generally, it lowers the vehicle's power and speed, but also the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Eco driving mode in especially used in cities and long distance trips.

With the AutoPi TMU device, you can achieve this solution, where you can be notified when exceeding RPM and speed limit.

Optimize your driving behavior

Optimizing your driving behavior not only helps you save gas money, but also the mileage of your vehicle. The more aggressively disrespectfully you use your vehicle, the more likely it is to get damaged. Some vehicles even tend to get more easily damaged if they have already been damaged before.

Safe Money

Eco driving is usually one of options in modern cars. However, older models might be missing this feature, which results in a higher fuel consumption.

Many drivers do not realize the amount of money they could save, by changing their driving behavior. The gear and RPM position is available through the AutoPi cloud, meaning it would be possible to create a system which can asisst you in achieving the optimal driving behavior and thereby, getting the best mileage for your vehicle.

In addition, the system could send alerts to the user, either through the build-in speaker or through the internal audio system in the car (Voice Command).

How you can achieve this:


This feature is more technical and therefore, require additional help to attain this. However, if you wish to install this feature, please contact our support.


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