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In-vehicle Parental Control

Always trust your child they say, but does that count lending the car as well? Set up in-vehicle rules for each driver and gain parental control.

Detect and identify each driver

It’s possible to detect and identify each driver with the AutoPi. This can be done by connecting a NFC or Bluetooth connector to your AutoPi.

With another device (Chip, RFID or smart device) you can identify the driver and set up special rules for this driver. Let’s say your son/daughter just acquired their driving license, but you are not too keen on them driving your vehicle.

Set up special rules for each driver

You can then set speed limits and get notifications when these limits are violated. You can also set up audible alarms inside your vehicle, to warn the driver of unwanted driving behavior. It’s even possible to set up Geofences to ensure that the vehicle stays with certain geographical boundaries.

Always feel reassurance when giving out the car keys

With AutoPi, it's now possible to setup limits for how your vehicle is used and sounding in-car alarms to the driver, letting them know that something is wrong. All of this can be made in a user based configuration. It is possible to build your own vehicle parental control and have full flexibility and configuration possibilities with it. You can set the system up just like you want.

In fact, the biggest difference between AutoPi and conventional parental control systems, is that with AutoPi, everything is flexible from a user perspective. You can alter and configure everything, nothing is locked.

Some steps on how you can achieve this:


This feature is more technical and therefore, require additional help to attain this. However, if you wish to install this feature, please contact our support

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