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Parking Assistance

Parking Assistance

A lot of cars don’t have built in parking assistance, but with the AutoPi this is now possible. Simply connect an external proximity sensor to the AutoPi and mount the sensor on the rear of your car.

Audible alarms from the built in speaker in the AutoPi can warn you about objects you cannot see. Even voice notifications can be given.

An illustration of how AutoPi helps with parking

How to do it?

Some vehicles come with built-in parking sensors, others don’t. If your vehicle doesn’t have built-in parking sensors, you can make it possible with AutoPi.

Simply mount an external camera on the rear and/or front of your vehicle and connect it with Autopi. In case you want to know more or are struggling with installation, please contact

Benefits of parking assistance

It is much easier to park with parking assistance. It can also prevent any unnecessary collision that would end up costing you a lot of money. It can also be set up as a collision prevention assist and warn you about the situation in front of you, even when you are moving fast such as on the highway. 

AutoPi can give you voice commands that will give you an overview on how much space you have behind or in front of your vehicle. But there is more to that.

If you connect your HUD display and parking sensors to AutoPi, it is possible to see the surroundings on the HUD display in real-time. Amazing right?

Check out how to build your own Raspberry Pi touch screen car computer if you do not have one yet and upgrade your car with this awesome feature.
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