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Benefits of Electric Trucks

Sept. 24, 2021, 12:22 p.m.

Electric trucks provide drivers and businesses with many advantages, such as better performance, lower maintenance, lower emissions, lower noise disturbance and more.

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Intelligent Car Technologies Explained

March 17, 2021, 10:42 a.m.

Intelligent car, also known as (smart car) is a regular car with advanced features. The features can be connectivity, IoT, AI, digitalization and more.

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#1 IoT Platform For Your Vehicle

AutoPi is the best IoT platform on the market right now. It consists of an advanced hardware, with SaaS on top of that. AutoPi offers customizable IoT platform for all companies that use vehicles for their daily operations. 

In general, IoT platforms provide similar basic solutions, or they just simply work towards the same goal. How is AutoPi different? AutoPi offers customizable solutions, fitting exactly what your business is lacking at the moment.

IoT platform consists of three main pillars: software, hardware and connectivity. 

  • Software - The software is hosted in the cloud (see the AutoPi Cloud

  • Hardware - The hardware is usually a device or sensor. Their function is to collect data from the environment or perform actions in the environment. (see AutoPi device)  

  • Connectivity - The device needs a way to transmit all the data to the cloud or from the cloud. It can be accomplished by cellular, satellite, WiFi and possibly more. 

In order to make it as efficient as possible, it is recommended to integrate it with existing business systems and data streams. 

Furthermore, It is very beneficial when used in bigger quantities, such as fleets (group of vehicles). It will track and monitor all vehicles at the same time and strengthen its functionality. 

IoT platforms provide built-in tools and capabilities to make IoT more efficient and cheaper for businesses, users and developers. 

an illustration of what iot platform is capable of doing

What can IoT platform do

IoT Platform can help with:

  • Connect hardware (device or sensor)

  • Provide security for both devices and users

  • Manage different software and hardware protocols

  • Gather, visualize and analyze data

  • Integrate all of those with existing business systems 

What is IoT?

IoT is an acronym for Internet of Things and it describes the network of physical objects. They are embedded with sensors and other technologies, in order to connect and exchange data over the internet. 

Simply said, it's a system of internet connected objects that are able to collect and transfer the data at the same time, over the wireless network. 

What is an IoT Platform?

An IoT Platform is a technology that enables the transition of data from the device to the cloud and vise versa. 

It is also known as a middleware or mediator between the hardware and software. Its function is to include data collection from devices over protocols and networks. 

the meaning of iot platform easily explained

AutoPi IoT Platform

AutoPi is the first IoT Platform with complete control of your business. AutoPi IoT platform can fulfil needs of a private person with its functionalities and extraordinary features (see the features here), as well as businesses. 

The huge advantage when being used for businesses is the total control over your business. You are able to track your car fleet completely and easily through the AutoPi Cloud and improve your business’ overall doing at the same time. 

A couple of main features of AutoPi IoT platform for businesses are: 

  • Fleet monitoring

  • High speed CAN Bus logging

  • High speed accelerometer logging

  • Implementing custom DBC files

  • Configuring fleets with templates

  • OTA updates of devices

By using AutoPi IoT platform, you are capable of bringing intelligence to your car. Who doesn’t want to have an intelligent car, right? 

What is an AutoPi IoT Platform?  

AutoPi IoT Platform is a combination of AutoPi Telematics Unit and AutoPi Cloud system. It allows you to add advanced features to your vehicle and in addition, gives you lots of extension possibilities. 

The AutoPI IoT platform is a software that is supported with a hardware called Telematics Unit. The hardware can be easily connected via OBD2 port in your vehicle. 

how autopi iot platform works like explained in one picture

What features does AutoPi IoT Platform bring? 

Having the AutoPi Telematics Unit in your vehicle already brings you lots of value, such as monitoring your vehicle’s health, collecting car data and possibly preventing future problems. 

Some of the most favorite benefits AutoPi solution brings are:

  • Remote control

  • Image analysis

  • Theft detection

  • External display/camera

These were just a couple of most common features used by our users. The choice is yours. We will assist you with the whole process and help you to find the right solution for your current project/company. 

Additionally, AutoPi IoT platform also supports a wide variety of electric vehicles. Some of the functions can be: Battery health, State of charge (SoC), Eco driving, Remoter charge notifications, Driving power and Driving range per charge. Many of these and other functions can be achieved by communicating with electronic control units

When Should I Use an IoT Platform? 

IoT is a system of systems, in other words a network of devices and software applications. Usually, companies do not have expertise and relevant departments to handle all the operations. 

If you are a product oriented company, you might want to take your product to a new level. Instead of hiring a whole new department purely for that, you can easily use an IoT platform that will do the same and save you lots of time and resources. 

However, it might end up costing you a bit more in the long run, depending on how much the IoT platform company will charge you. 

Why Should I Use an IoT Platform?

As we already mentioned before, using the IoT platform is the most beneficial if you do not have an internal department to work on it. ‘Outsourcing’ some of your operations might be cost-effective, time-efficient and easier than having it internally. 

In conclusion, the IoT platform is an amazingly powerful and insightful ‘tool’ to use, depending on your or your company’s needs. 

Are you interested in knowing more about AutoPi IoT Platform? Constant us on and we will assist you further.

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