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What is a Container?

Containers are small, fast and portable units that do not need to include a guest OS in every instance. The purpose of a container is to package up the code and its dependencies, in order to run applications smoothly.

Developers state the beginning of containers to the year 2013, when it brought a lot of new aspects to the world of IT. We have seen a huge increase in demand, as well as innovation of dockers. 

Docker containers have become very important since they were introduced. They make it possible for any application to run reliably and smoothly, regardless of the operating system or infrastructure.

What is a Docker Container? 

A Docker Container image is a standalone software that includes everything that application needs to run, such as code, runtime, libraries, tools, settings and more. 

It provides you with the possibility to simply put all the code and its dependencies into one container for easier and more efficient transmission.

an illustration of a docker container with applications

Benefits of containers

There are several benefits when it comes to containers. Take a look at a few of them below.

  • Containers are isolated from the OS layer, which means they are efficient and very light on resources, in comparison to virtual machines. 

  • They include all of the dependencies and configurations, which enables you to write once and move between environments

  • Because of their small size, they are able to resize, spin up, spin down and quickly restart. 

  • Containers are very cost effective due to their reduced resource demands and smart scaling

  • Manage less infrastructure with containers. Containers push you to get to the bottom of what you really need, in order to deliver a great experience for customers. 

  • Containers make it more time efficient for IT teams to engage with business-critical projects

  • Containers provide stable and predictable environment 

  • Developers are capable of speeding up the development, by using the containers

As you might have noticed, docker containers can bring you plenty of benefits. By using the containers, you can strengthen your operations and improve the effectiveness. But with other systems and/or solutions on top of that, you suddenly have handful of options that will take you to the next level. 

Docker integration can be applicable as a standalone solution. However, we highly recommend to combine it with other highly advanced solutions, such as Big Data and IoT Gateway

At AutoPi, we deliver tailored solutions for your specific needs and Docker Integration is one of them. Find out more about Docker Integration here.
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