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What is an ELD?

Updated at 29 Aug, 2021

— ELD or Electronic Logging Device is a newer version of AOBRD and is used by commercial motor vehicles to record driving time and hours of service.

What is an ELD?

What is an ELD and Why is it Crucial for Commercial Vehicles?

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) have become an indispensable tool for truck drivers in managing their driver hours and maintaining electronic logs. These electronic logging devices streamline the record-keeping process and provide valuable insights into driver vehicle inspection reports. Operating in compliance with the ELD mandate, these ELD devices serve a crucial role in modern fleet management, bringing about substantial transformation in the industry. But what does ELD stand for? It stands for electronic logging device and it signifies an era of heightened efficiency and safety in the management of commercial motor vehicle operations.

ELDs: How do They Improve Fleet Tracking and Duty Status Reporting?

ELDs, a significant upgrade from AOBRDs, integrate directly with a vehicle's engine. They record essential ELD data including date, time, miles traveled, vehicle identification, motor carrier identification, and geographic location, providing an all-encompassing solution for fleet tracking. Their operation also includes monitoring engine diagnostics, malfunctions, and logging 60-minute intervals of motion along with engine power up and shutdown.

ELD Compliance: How has it Transformed Commercial Vehicle Operations?

The implementation of the FMCSA ELD mandate, also known as the ELD rule, has fundamentally transformed how the commercial motor vehicle industry operates. With fleet owners transitioning from AOBRDs to ELDs since December 16th, 2019, there has been a significant surge in ELD compliance. However, one may wonder, what does this shift imply for truck drivers and fleet managers? ELD solutions offer enhanced tracking of vehicles' engines and help mitigate driver fatigue. Consequently, they promote safer, more efficient operations, bringing tangible benefits to everyone involved in the industry.

Benefits of ELD Compliance

ELDs are designed to increase compliance, driver safety, and streamline fleet management. They do this by:

  1. Increasing driver safety and potentially saving lives by regulating hours of service.

  2. Reducing paperwork, thereby saving money and time on office administration.

  3. Minimizing the risk of errors in driver logs.

  4. Enabling fuel usage monitoring.

  5. Simplifying the process of keeping records of duty status.

  6. Facilitating driver vehicle inspection reports.

Choosing the Best ELD: What Factors Should You Consider?

Understanding ELDs definition and how they work is just the first step. As a fleet manager or owner, your focus should also be on selecting the best ELD devices to ensure top-notch fleet safety and compliance. From ELD providers like AutoPi offering solutions that can do much more, the landscape of ELD solutions is expansive and continually evolving.

Want to learn more about ELDs? We recommend watching this video that explains what ELDs are and how they can revolutionize your fleet operations. If you're convinced that ELDs are what your fleet needs, consider investing in an ELD system like AutoPi's Telematics Unit. A fully registered ELD provider, AutoPi can elevate your fleet management to new heights.

Why are ELDs Considered the Future of Fleet Management?

So, are ELDs the solution for efficient and compliant fleet operations? The answer is a resounding yes. With benefits that extend from the driver's seat to the back office, an ELD is more than a device; it's the future of commercial motor vehicle operations.

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