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IoT Research Projects Industry

AutoPi can help you get started with your IoT research projects

We can help you realize the full potential of your IoT projects by allowing you to customize our software and hardware in whatever way you see fit.

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Build on a solid infrastructure

Our infrastructure may provide your IoT research projects with a variety of options for receiving essential data for your investigation queries.

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Opt for open-source software

The AutoPi Core operating system is based on the Raspberry Pi OS and is open source, allowing you to directly work on, modify, and alter the source code on the device.


Acquire real-time data

Monitor your vehicles in real-time and obtain valuable information practically as soon as the data enters the database.

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Pipeline for Open Data

We provide you complete control over how and where your recorded data flow, allowing you to use our Cloud Platform or have the data transferred straight to your own database.


Make the solution as specific as you require

The AutoPi Cloud software allows you to configure the device's behavior by writing simple or complex custom code solutions, adjusting configurations, and configuring services to handle communication, requests, logging, and other tasks.

The AutoPi TMU can be the dominant infrastructure for your project or a supporting unit for a bigger system. With customized builds, we give you the freedom to use our solution in your own unique way.

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Open source

A smart solution for sophisticated systems

The AutoPi is built on an open-source Linux operating system, allowing users to operate directly on the device. With the AutoPi, you have full admin access to the Raspberry Pi, as well as the ability to change software via the web interface.

We provide infrastructure for our users to construct their solutions, either independently or in collaboration with our team.

Business solutions

Solutions for Research Projects

All of our business solutions are customizable to meet your requirements.

Asset Tracking
virtural borders geofence

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Complete Fleet Visibility

By using real-time BLE asset tracking of managing technical and construction equipment, you can eliminate the danger of delays and loss of precious as ...

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Docker Integration
containers services

Docker Integration

Docker Integration

Application Management

AutoPi Docker Integration Solution gives you the possibility to run your software in an isolated environment and become independent of network connect ...

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Big Data
business analytics data mining

Big Data

Big Data

Next Generation Data Volume

AutoPi Big Data solution provides companies with high-frequency and quality data to flow properly. AutoPi can log, store and support the data in real ...

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Keyless Solution
car-sharing remote-control

Keyless Solution

Keyless Solution

Digital Key Solution

A scalable, digital keyless solution allows drivers to remotely and securely access any vehicle, while fleet operators can remotely manage their fleet ...

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IoT Gateway
iot gateway diy

IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway

All-in-one Access Point

IoT Gateway Solution is a one-point gateway that enables you to have control of your data flow from your existing software for secure and precise resu ...

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