Vehicle Remote Start

Vehicle Remote Start

Some car models allow AutoPi to start the car remotely. With this system you could set up your AutoPi to automatically start when you are within a proximity of 100 meters of your car. Or even have your car start on a certain time to heat it up for you, especially in the cold winter days. 

This feature is especially helpful when you live in countries with cold weather conditions and you hate entering your car when it's totally frozen. 

A person starting a car remotely via smartphone

How to do it?

As usually, you can set this feature up within the AutoPi system dashboard and adjust accordingly. In case you want to know more or are struggling with installation, please contact We highly recommend checking our community page, where you can get inspired and find a lot of useful information from our users. 

Benefits of remote start

Remote start of your vehicle is getting more and more used within the automotive industry. Car rental companies often use this keyless remote start option as it is much more convenient for the customers and it prevents the chance of losing the car key. You can also use it for short-term vehicle lease sharing.

It gives you a bit of extra time when you are in a rush and need to be somewhere as soon as possible. It is in many cases used by diesel vehicle drivers who prefer to start their vehicle for 5-10 minutes and then start driving, as the diesel vehicle needs a bit more time to warm up to have an optimal engine temperature. 

Cold winters can be really unbearable and that’s when this feature comes in handy. You can start your car remotely from your home, increase the temperature within your vehicle and enter the vehicle when it has reached the right temperature and level of comfort.
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