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AutoPi Electric Vehicles

Maximize the performance of your EV fleet

Track and monitor the performance of your electric vehicles by using the combination of our AutoPi Cloud platform and in-vehicle AutoPi Telematics Unit (TMU) device.

Electric Vehicles

Find your make and model of electric vehicle

The AutoPi is compatible with a large variety of electric and hybrid vehicles supported with CAN Bus messages and OBD-II PID requests. Find all unique car model specifications here:

Type Make Model Start Year Stop Year Milage Battery Charge Level Range Battery SoH Battery Temperature EV Ignition Status Fuel Level VIN RPM Vehicle Speed Distance until service Fault Codes

Haven’t found your electric vehicle model? Please let us know the electric vehicle you use, and we will inform you how we can assist you with your integration.


AutoPi support a wide range of electric vehicles

We have your entire fleet covered with EV performance reporting.

Improve the overall effectiveness of your electric vehicles and create a better picture of how an EV operates in your fleet.

Get insightful vehicle data reports that can help track range, state of charge, battery levels, temperature, battery degradation and more.

AutoPi possibilities overview

State of Charge (SoC)

Monitor detailed charge information and keep track of the best possible charge stategy for your vehicle.

Battery Health

Get information about battery health, to keep your battery in the best possible condition.

Remote charge notifications

Monitor charge status remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Eco Driving

Implement eco driving features to optimize range of your battery.

Driving Power

Keep track of driving power to see what is draining your battery.

Driving range per Charge

Calculate estimated driving range per charge, based on historical driving data.

Data that is second to none

Gather all your data in one dashboard

With the help of AutoPi Platform, you will be capable of gathering vehicle data easier than ever before. Replacing the battery is rather expensive, which can be prevented with extended data from AutoPi.

The AutoPi dashboard is comprised of widgets that displays information about your vehicle. The displayed data may be obtained directly from your EV's internal computer or from other devices linked to the AutoPi TMU. In live mode, the dashboard displays data that is coming immediately from your EV.

Dashboard of a vehicle
EV Truck charging on battery
Boost EV Fleet Charging

Revolutionize Your EV Fleet Charging

Are you grappling with inefficiencies in your electric vehicle fleet's charging process? AutoPi TMU is the sophisticated telematics solution you've been searching for. Engineered to enhance charging efficiency by up to 25%, this advanced device provides real-time vehicle diagnostics and tailored energy utilization analytics.

Transform both your operational performance and sustainability metrics. Isn't it time to upgrade your EV fleet management? Invest in AutoPi TMU today.

Something unclear?

Frequently asked questions

How does AutoPi enhance tracking and monitoring of EV fleets?

AutoPi provides real-time tracking and monitoring of your EV fleet. With our Telematics Unit (TMU), you can access essential data like battery health, charging status, and energy efficiency, all through the AutoPi Cloud platform.

Can AutoPi help in managing the battery health of our EV fleet?

Definitely. AutoPi offers insights into battery health, allowing you to track charging cycles, monitor battery temperature, and proactively identify potential issues to maintain optimal battery performance.

What insights into energy efficiency does AutoPi provide for electric vehicles?

Our system offers insightful data on energy consumption, driving patterns, and gps tracking. This information helps you make informed decisions to enhance the overall energy efficiency of your EV fleet.

Can we customize data dashboards to suit our specific fleet management needs?

Yes, our AutoPi Cloud platform

features 4 customizable dashboards, enabling you to tailor data presentation to your specific fleet management needs, focusing on the metrics that matter most to your operations.

Does AutoPi support remote diagnostics for electric vehicles?

Yes, AutoPi enables remote diagnostics, allowing you to efficiently identify and address issues, which is crucial for maintaining fleet efficiency and minimizing downtime.

What kind of operational insights can we gain from using AutoPi with our EV fleet?

AutoPi provides valuable insights into vehicle utilization, idling times, optimal charging periods, and maintenance needs, helping you optimize fleet operations and reduce operational costs.

How scalable is the AutoPi solution for large EV fleets?

Our solution is highly scalable, suitable for managing large EV fleets. Whether your fleet is small or extensive, AutoPi adapts to your needs, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

What are the security measures in place to protect our fleet’s data?

We use robust encryption protocols and access control measures to prioritize data security. Your fleet's data is securely transmitted and stored, maintaining confidentiality and integrity.

How easy is it to implement AutoPi in our fleet, and what support is available?

Implementing AutoPi is straightforward - see our getting started guide. Our support team is ready to assist you from the initial setup to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth experience.


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